The Cook Islands Holidays

Cook Islands Holidays

Cook Islands | First Class Holidays Swaddle into the chill, quiet, blue pools. Allow the pristine charms of these wonderful islands to catch your mind and keep your hearts beating. Located midway between New Zealand and Hawaii, the Cook's 15 islands are strewn like scented frigipani blossom leaves over 2.2 million sq. km of a tempting sensuous sea.

Paradise is a unique paradise of uncommon natural beauties, an ideal atmosphere, warm-hearted individuals with the broadest possible smile and a rhythm of living that is second to none for the sake of the world.

IDEAL BEACH in the South Pacific Islands

Did you imagine your holiday on the South Pacific Islands? You are invited to explore the Cook Islands, the ultimate travel destinations to make this a reality. The Cook Islands, an Pacific Ocean island ideally suited for your seaside holiday.

On this occasion, however, we have chosen to go to the islands of the South Pacific and the Cook Islands. You were found by one of the most renowned discoverers, James Cook. You may well recall that these islands in Polynesia were given his name. The South Pacific Islands are a great place for those who want to spend their holidays enjoying and relaxing on the beaches, interrupting their routines and improving their wellbeing.

How are the Cook Islands on the world map? There are 15 islands in the Cook Islands, in the centre of the South Pacific. They are in the centre of the Polyynesian delta (New Zealand, Hawaii and Easter Island). Tahiti lies to the eastern side of the Cook Islands and, together with the Polynesia Delta, forms the Polynesia Culture Area.

Throughout the year, the Cook Islands enjoyable, hot and sunshiny temperatures. But in the evenings or at nights it is raining, so the day on these islands of the South Pacific is very comfortable. Cook Islands is a self-governed archipelago in free associations with New Zealand.

That is why the Cook Islanders are New Zealanders. This is another of the reasons why you can use both New Zealand Dollar (the major currency) and Cook Island Dollar during your itinerary. When you want to pick tokens or notes from the travel destination you are visiting, you should know that Cook Island bucks have a singular tropic pattern, so they are great as a gift.

Particularly we like the three-dollar notes, which can only be found on the Cook Islands. Likewise, the two-dollar coin with its three-cornered form is one of a kind on these islands in Polynesia. That is the entry to the Cook Islands. Known as the pearl of the South Pacific for its sandy beach.

Remember this picture and come to Muri Beach. For a more demanding environment, try scuba-dive. The snorkelling area is very beautiful. When you don't like being under water, there are other ways to see the sea life of these islands.

It has a bottom made of glas, so you can safely admire the views without going under water. You' ll certainly be able to savour the beautiful landscape before enjoying a delicious meal. Discover all about Polish civilization at Te Vara Nui Village. Find out more about the Cook Islands story, the traditions of herb therapy and much more with the help of a professional leader.

Add Aitutaki Island to your travel itineraries. It is only 50 min. away from the island of Rarotonga with a local plane. Your journey to Aitutaki Island begins the minute you board the plane, so reserve a place in the windows. The 45 km long area of Aitutaki Island is surrounded by a lake and its shallows.

Take a one-day trip and savour our islands shopping. We have many collection points, but first we go to Akaiami Iceland. As soon as you have reached your first goal, you can see Akaiami Islands from start to finish. On to Akaiami lsland you' ll go to One Foot lsland. There is also a sandbank near One Foot lsland, encircled by a wonderful Laguna.

Simply lay on the sandy beach and sunbathe. At the end of your day, after luncheon, stop by the island's postal service (it is fun that there is a postal service on this desert island) and ask them to do the postmark. One Foot Iceland stamps are given as a present and are therefore a great present for travellers.

If you wonder where the name of the isle comes from, there is a myth that will explain it. One man and his boy escaped from the town and ended up on this isle. He was rescued by the serenity of his fathers, who later became the head of a new clan that lived on the isle. Schedule your next holiday on the beaches today and select the Cook Islands as your travel destinations.

They will not be sorry to travel to these islands in the South Pacific. You know that there are many things you will like. And, of course, we are hoping that you will tell us your best pictures of these islands in Polynesia. Cabo Polonio is the right place for you if you want to find your inner self and experience a moment of loneliness and contemplation.

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