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The Cook Islands - Unique in New Zealand The Cook Islands, a group of 15 islands in the South Pacific core, are a dramatic blend of volcano and atoll corals. There is an ideal weather, a breathtaking landscape, friendly locals and a beautiful way of living that makes these islands compelling. Cook Islands is a paradise. In the Cook Islands, a small number of visitors are welcomed by other islands, and leave this area largely unaffected by the tourist industry.

Featuring some 14,000 inhabitants on the 15 islands, the Cook Islands have no chains of hotel, no chains of restaurant and no transport (there are no stoplights on the islands!). The islands provide an excellent opportunity for travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind South Pacific adventures away from the buzz and skyscrapers.

Some Cook Islands tourist attractions are particularly spectacular: The capital of the Cook Islands and the most populated of the islands, Rarotonga is still secluded and untouched, with a bright lush green lake. Its pearl sandy beaches are fringed by palms and just off the coast there is a breathtaking sea wall that protects the quiet coastal area.

Traditions and a powerful patrimony of culture are the hallmarks of the islands and the musical world is an essential part of it. Savour folk and dance and be enchanted by the many folk art, carvings and paintings that the Rarotongan people still practise to accept their richness.

The Aitutaki is a group of islands 45 flight-mins. from Rarotonga. The archipelago is known for its welcoming nature and one of the most beautiful lakes in the canyon. Snorkelling and scuba dipping in the Aitutaki Laguna and Core System (some of the most varied dive sites in the world) is an adventure for both novice and advanced diver.

Fish for fish on incomparable waters like bonnefish, yellowfin-thun, Mahhi Mahju and hippie. An unspoilt, unspoiled group of islands provides an unbelievably scenic and secluded holiday area. Willingly we are looking forward to working with you to make sure your stay in the Cook Islands is in line with your interests.

Welcome to the Cook Islands! On your return to Rarotonga you will be picked up and escorted to your luxurious accommodation. The islands offer unspoilt turquoise water, unspoiled sands, world-famous reindeer beds and luxurious elegance. Use your resort's spas, unwind in your luxurious accommodation, or enjoy some quality clean sands.

Or take part in one of the many outdoor pursuits in this area. This is the last of your Cook Islands adventures. Check out your accommodation later today to embark on an overnight trip home or to the next stage of your itinerary.

You can specify the Cook Islands as a travel destinations in conjunction with a New Zealand and/or Australia outing. Below you will find a selection of accommodations in the Cook Islands. This luxurious Rarotonga Islands seaside retreat features only 10 unique thatch covered mansions, all with stunning vistas of an unspoilt sandy coastline and deep blue lagoons.

This remote sandy area extends in both direction for about 8 km and the Laguna is sheltered by a lifebar. Its clear water is a haven for countless species of tropic marine life - a snorkelling haven. Visitors can enjoy relaxing in privately owned, well-equipped mansions on the sandy shores of the lake or in the midst of luxuriant tropic garden.

Indulge in a range of water-based pursuits, take a stroll in the midst of the magnificent rainforest or simply relaxing in this luxurious residence. This 4. 5 stars stylish, truly Polish Nautilus Village is the perfect place for retreat. Leaving the reality behind you, dive into a lush green paradise in the untouched Rarotonga area.

An environmentally responsible seaside retail complex in front of a gorgeous alpine scenery that drops into a crystalline lake, offers first-class luxurious lodging with saltwater diving basins and lies in genuine Cook Islands tropic garden. They are spaciously furnished and furnished to match the position and atmosphere of the islands.

The island of Ta'akoka, overgrown with palms, increases the breathtaking view of the lake and the sea and allows visitors to immerse themselves in this Polish adventure. There is a wide range of high-end activity in the residence and the beach café serves wonderfully cooked meals in a wonderful ambience. Coastal Villas, Cook Islands - Sea-Changing Villas offer wide open spaces with sea sand, sea and sky as far as the eyes can see.

That' s what your dream is made of - but here at this luxurious Rarotonga Sea Spa you can enjoy this excellence every time. Embedded between palms and rose blossoms, Sea Change Villas has everything your heart desires - from the tranquillity of the almost uninhabited Titikaveka Lagoon shores, perfect for snorkeling and bathing, to the countless other local attractions.

Aitutaki Pacific Reserve, Cook Islands - The family-friendly Aitutaki Pacific Reserve will welcome you to a five-star luxurious boutique residence where you are sure to have an experience you will never forget. Aitutaki Pacific is a famous Pacific resorts set in the clear blue water of the Aitutaki Laguna. Twenty-seven luxurious rooms, a selection of beachside chalets and mansions, all air-conditioned and located on a magnificent beach with its own sun deck.

Savour a fresh drink and a cozy pool dinner at the beloved Black Rock Cafe, or take in the enchanting panorama views from a dining room at the Rapae Bay Restaurant high above the camp. Taste Pacific and global food and world-class wine while you watch the sunset on another paradise outing.

Aitutaki Resort's breathtaking scenery makes it a pristine destination for those looking for a romantic holiday in South Sea Polynesia. The prizewinning building has been honoured for its high standard and services and has won a number of prizes, including the World's Leadership Boutique Island Resort at the World Travel Awards and the World's Best Beach Boutique Hotel at the World Boutique Hotel awards.

Rarotonga Pacific resort, Cook Islands - The family-friendly Rarotonga Pacific resorts is Rarotonga's premier 4-star, full-service, 5th class boutique residence. Located in the direction of the renowned Muri Laguna, the residence boasts a selection of 64 studio, suite, family and two or three-bedroom mansions.

Every room is furnished in modern Polish design and offers a selection of rooms overlooking either the blooming rainforest garden or the beautiful beaches and lagoons. Breathtaking restaurants on the shore, a free kids club, water-based fun and your own Moana Roa lake boat await you. Enjoy a personalized welcome to the Cook Islands and a cordial Polish welcome.

Rarotonga Molecaten essay - This is an indoor adult retreat on an unspoilt palm-fringed shore on the sunny "sunset side" of the breathtaking Rarotonga isle. Featuring only 35 studio and suite rooms, the hotel offers all the service you would want from a much bigger estate, but with a laid-back, informal and welcoming insularity.

Absolutely on the beach, it is a very tranquil and tranquil area. Suites and studios are either on the beach or next to the resort's two swimming pools and amid luxuriant tropic garden. Our patrons soak up the sun and sun, enjoying the swimming area, snorkelling equipment and a beautiful breakfast buffet serving every day. Below you will find proposals for adventures in the Cook Islands.

Some of these services can be reserved in advanced, but in the Cook Islands it is not necessary to make a reservation in advanced. You can arrange all these on your return to the islands through your hotel. HalftheDay Iceland Tours, Cook Islands - Take a half days guided cruise through Rarotonga Isle.

Visiting holy sites, learning about the islands past and legend and discover the Cook Islands cultures, food and faith. Visiting a small hamlet and immersing yourself in the Cook Islands civilization. Highhland Paradise Cultural Center, Cook Islands - Enjoy an evenings at the Highland Paradise Cultural Center for a sundown show and a banquet.

Relive the Cook Islands' folk songs, dances and dinners and watch folk art and woodcarving shows. Lake cruising, Cook Islands - Indulge in a lake tour in the clear, gorgeous water of the Cook Islands. Watch gorgeously coloured tropic tuna, huge mussels and maybe even a view of a sea lion before you have a barbeque meal.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands Full Excursion - Take a full excursion to Aitutaki Islands, known for its beautiful reefs. It is a high point of every stay in the Cook Islands and without doubt one of the most remarkable sites in the South Pacific. From Rarotonga, it is an incredible adventure to fly across the islands - the huge Laguna is spread out in a shiny disk of green, turquoise and blue, covered with 15 small islands and light coloured benches of oranges just below the sea-top.

It' easily recognized why Aitutaki is the second most frequented chefs' paradise and why the Laguna is the main attraction. As an option to an Aitutaki excursion, a visit to Motu, a wonderful place where you can go snorkelling, swimming or just relaxing. Snorkelling and scuba-dive, Cook Islands - The Cook Islands are encircled by a magnificent snorkelling and scuba-dive area.

There is a wide variety of wonderful corals, tropic fishs, mussels, eels, stingrays and bigger salmonels. Snorkellers, beginners or advanced divers, the Cook Islands offer amazing marinelife. Angling, Cook Islands - Deep sea angling charter on the Cook Islands are available all year round and are targeted at a range of marine pelagics such as tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahhi and marmot.

However, the sea quickly becomes shallow, just outside the Cook Islands barriere coral sea, making large sports fishing relatively near the shoreline, making it an angler's heaven. Surfing, Sailing, Kite Surfing, Kayak & Stand-Up-Paddleboard, Cook Islands - These beach sports are available at many Cook Islands destinations. Cook Islands clear, crystal -clear, blue coloured sea is the ideal place for practicing aquatic sports.

Rarotonga's Fine Arts Gallery, Cook Islands - Visit Rarotonga's Fine Arts Gallery with authentic Asian artwork. Showcasing Cook Islands pearl prints, jewellery, handicrafts, painting and a beautiful range of print fabrics. Punanga-Nui Cultural Mark- Rarotonga Heart Beat, a fair full of handmade presents, lively Sarong's, tasty meals and great regional products.

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