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Get to the doctor right away. We are Rarotonga's premier holiday home and rental vehicle specialist - Home Note that the driving licence fee has been amended as of 31 October 2016. As part of the Cook Islands Police Service request, the New Driver's Licensing System is adapted to New Zealand and Australia. New candidates for the driver's licence must be paid for; once you have completed the test, you can buy your licence for $20.


All of the above costs are for everyone, whether you are a Cook Islander or a tourist. Initial licence seekers for motorbike licence can count on paying these charges of $90.00. When you are between 16 and 18 years old, you must hold a learning licence for two years.

You can then receive your full licence at the end of 2 years. The learning licence is subject to certain limitations. This is also valid for persons who have not had a driving licence for more than 5 years. If you renew your driver's licence or transfer your licence to a Cook Islands Visitors Licence for foreign licence holder, you only have to buy $20.00 for a licence.

The visitor's driving licence is only 30 day validity.

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If you leave, you can leave your partner/children/friends at the airfield with the pockets, then let the vehicle fall and then go across the street to join them and get out. I' ve got them working with Island and Bike Hire. You have to go to Island Cart and Bike to do the paper work.

First we need a peoplemover, because there will be five of us, but then we want to hand him in and trade him in for two smaller cars. Do you have a hire company that allows you to collect from the airports but return your vehicle elsewhere? At the moment I can tell you that there are many tourists on the isle and on several times, since I have happened to pass Rarotonga Rentals (opposite the airport), almost all of their cars seem to be hired except those that are being repaired; as for example today.

See what Polynesian Rentals (formerly Budget) can do for you, as they have several sites around Rarotonga - among others near Edgewater, Rarotongan Resort, Muri Town, and Downtown Avarua. A lot of regular customers (including me), unlike local people, prefer Iceland cars, which we find dependable and inexpensive.

For Polynesian rentals, I have often used them in the past when they were part of the budget deductible. Hello Theorans, we rented an 8-seater Honda Odyssey, last September from Island Car & Bike Hire. Pick it up from the aiport and drop it off at the aiport when we left.

There''s no need why you shouldn't be able to deliver it to your store and collect 2 smaller cars to substitute it.

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