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For more information, visit your local Thomas Cook or Co-operative Travel Shop. LIKE is supported by Thomas Cook Money; part of the Thomas Cook Group.

Did anyone use Cook Travel for airfare? - Aviation Forum

Did anyone use Cook Travel for airfare? They do not often get 60% discount, but at the last moment, very costly ticket, you can get 50% discount. You have the kind of net rates that are used by companies or large business travel agents. You are offering updates to high-priced bus-rates.

Previously this year, when I booked a presale rate for my first flight in Buisness Mode, the released rate was $2900 AA and they gave me a $400 rebate on two of them. I' ve tried them on national maps and they don't seem so good..... Frequently the same or only a little cheaper one.

While there are many agents like this one, Cook Travel has been a representative of American Express for twenty years, so I entrust them..... BOTH Bureau classifies them as a plus, for whatever that means, no grievances.

Travel Cook

Unfortunately, there is agency called Dennis Kutwal, quoting ticket prices to me and inspiring me to tell him all the detail like Passnummer and name he posted fake passes and now for a months he keeps saying.... I'm just waitin' to open up. This is Cook Travel: Introducing PassPassport Rush LLC, NY's Premier Passsport and Visa Expediting Service.......

We would like to present to you the Passsport Rush LLC., a Passsport and Visas Expediting Service. Travel management and company travel agent account for businesses and managers who cannot vacate their office and travel agencys/groups who have clients who travel the world.

All of our advisors are qualified to accompany you through ANY accelerated pass or visas. Just Thye look for those low-cost carriers that may not be associated with a travel locator. Additionally, once you furnish your particulars, so they can get in touch with you in case that separated, you will recieve a few telephone calls from any disputed regulatory authority that will tell you that you won a 10k allowance from the goverment.

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