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Island Ulva

Explore the legendary Ulva Island/Te Wharawhara off Stewart Island/Rakiura, a beautiful island sanctuary open to the public. Predator-free, wooded sanctuary in Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island. Reserve your tickets online for Ulva Island, Stewart Island: Ulva Island Tour as part of your tailor-made holiday in New Zealand. It has one of the largest kiwi populations in New Zealand and Ulva Island is a local bird sanctuary nearby.

Excursions in Southland

The Wharawhara island is known for its rich and varied bird life, among them e.g. e.g. weka, k?k?riki, t??, bellbirds/korimako, pigeons/kereru, fantails/piwakawaka, saddleback/tieke, rifleman/titipounamu, brook creeper/p?pipi, Stewart Island robin/toutouwai and yellowhead/mohua. A few people may even be fortunate enough to get a peek at the bay kiwi/tokoeka of Stewart Island. The best hour to see local bird life is probably early in the spring, but Ulva Island/Te Wharawhara can be viewed at any hour of the year.

You can sometimes see New Zealand harp seals/kekeno on the cliffs around Ulva Island. Ordinary Skink's were brought to the island in 2005 by The Old Neck, via Paterson Inlet. Ulva Island's forests are characteristic of the area, overlooked by the island of Romu, south of www. l'Ulva Island and the island of Kamayhi, but with a rich undergrowth of foliage and hair.

The visitor can see what Stewart Island and other New Zealand forests would look like without the influence of the wild. The trails on the island are well maintained and offer the opportunity for family birdwatching in this pest-free area. There are several boats to take you to Ulva Island and around Paterson Inlet.

Running into the water off Ulva Island, the streams dewater unspoiled, uncultivated lands with little sediments or nutrients running off, giving the diver a perfect view. The best snorkeling is found at the northern end of Sydney Cove on Ulva Island, but you should be in a neoprene suit, as the mean February temperatures are 16ºC and drop to 8ºC in July.

It is a great way to get to know Paterson Inlet and Ulva Island, but there is a bio-security hazard.

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