How to get to Palau

Getting to Palau

Hello, can anyone recommend the cheapest way to Palau? The early Palau people may come from Polynesia and Asia. The trip to Palau in Palau has never been easier. The Palau Travel Guide gives valuable insights to divers planning a dive trip to Palau. You are here / Arrival / By bus.

Arrival in Palau

I' d look into locating low cost airfares to London, then a RM plane to Manila from London. Frequently you can find both of these trips at low prices. A new connection from the Philippines to Palau is said to be less expensive than Air Mike (aka Continental Air Micronesia).

It is also possible to travel from Taiwan to Palau if you get a low cost London to Taiwan ticket, although the website is completely in Chinese, which makes it difficult. There are sometimes low-cost airfares from Manila to LAX with a stopover in Palau. Once we got one-way London from a discount store, then we looked for the low-cost Manila while we were in London.

The same from Manila to the USA with the stopover in Palau. There was a chance, but in the end it was less expensive than just purchasing a ticket in the USA. London and Manila are both great places for low-cost travel. One thing I would be cautious about is getting the Manila to Palau ticket too far in advance - other carriers than Air Mike to Palau have a tendency to disappear without much forewarning.

Arrival in Palau

Palau is isolated with a small local community (under 25,000) and an average of 140,000 to 160,000 people arriving for tourists, so there is no large air traffic from a large Aiport. With 5 gateways to Palau, however, there are plenty of possibilities that you can consider according to your destination. One-Stop Narita Delta Airlines - No-Stops every Tuesday and Saturday and United Airlines - One-Stop (Guam).

United Guam Airlines - Every night except Saturday. US visa is also necessary on your way through. Ninoy Aquino is the most demanding cargo hub in the world. In contrast to most of the other major cities, there is no possibility to move between the Manila terminal. Flights to Palau from Manila with United Airlines depart from Terminal 1.

We recommend that you select an air carrier that will arrive in Manila in Terminals 1 if you decide to travel to Palau. When you arrive at Terminals 2 or 3, you MUST allow at least 3 hrs (4 if possible) of passage times (the Manila transport is really special).

You have two ways to get to Terminals 1. RECCOMMENDED:There is a NEW feature that calls the Termination Transmission Services (Bus). If you cannot see the signs where to take the free shuttle coach, please ask for it. However, this is not a very common way (30 min. break) and is the best way to get to your terminals.

Locate the taxicab and tell the ticket office personnel that you are going to Terminals 1. The farthest from the main station, Terminals 3 can take between 60 minutes and 90 minutes, according to the amount of air travel (journey time approx. 30 minutes). The nearest is Termina 2, but due to the transport it can take from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Your rates may differ according to the amount of travel and the type of terminals you are coming from (yellow taximeters are slightly more costly than the normal whitest taxis), but in general they should not exceed 250PHP - make sure the taximeter is on! When you arrive in Terminals 1, 1, give yourself at least 2 hrs runtime.

When you arrive, go to the ticket office and tell them that you are on your way. As soon as you have done so, you may no longer have to go through the Manila migration and custom authorities, they will help you to pick up your luggage at the luggage conveyor belt and register you at the ticket office for your Palau journey.

When you are not in this happy position, you must handle your migration (write "Transit" on your migration form), pick up your luggage, go through duty, go to the top storey departures lounge and go through the normal check-in proces.

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