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The terrible U.S.A. From a fine American.

My dear editor, America the Fair has changed into the Terrible in America. It is no longer by election that the leaders of the free economy are elected, but by those who work facelessly behind the scenes for their own good and to promote their own agendas.

While I know that the fixing was there when Hilary was supposed to be winning the elections and how the F.B.I. gave her all the accusations of bribery she had been confronted with for nothing, nothing was done for more openness and responsibility. However, the grass-roots might came through, and the counterfeit messages with their revolutionary machines could not convince the grass-roots because the alternate means passed on the alternate reality to the grass-roots.

They then accuse Russia of interfering in the elections and yet no substantive proof was found to suggest otherwise. Who was the one who conspired with the Russians about the uranium 1 transaction? Well, if that's not betrayal at the highest levels, I don't know what it is, but I know one thing from this case study: if these culprits are not harmed, then I know for sure that we are just a farmer in their games and that the system is "manipulated" for sure.

In order to shape what one of the intellectuals said about democracy: "There is no such thing as there is no such thing as démarche, it is pimptocracy", which means that we are led by the mafia, the regime is the pimp, and we are the sex workers who work for slaves' salaries, and they take the remainder of our income without real representativeness.

Swimming Stars from Samoa qualify for 2018 USA NCAA Nationals

March 16, 2018. - Samoan Swim Stars, Brandon Schuster has qualifed for the USA National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) National 2018 with an overwhelming showing during yesterday's NCAA Division II Swimming and Diving Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina. NCAA Championships' last date is Saturday, March 17.

More than 380 of the best female and male swimers and dives are fighting for the opportunity to become state champions. Moves to Samoa as a teens and graduates from RLSS.

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