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Samoa-American Elections

Samoa sends a representative without a vote to parliament. Series, races, top candidates, raises, expenses, election results. Democratically elected leaders of American Samoa were against birthright. Protect the voting rights of members of the armed forces in the elections for the delegate representing American Samoa in the United States House of Representatives. American Samoa Election Dates & Deadlines (more info).


The American Samoa is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. American Samoa is sending a representative without a voice to parliament. They do not take part in the elections, but delegate to the national conventions of the big parties. Any elections in American Samoa are impartial in form. Candidate for Democracy:? Evaluation, January 7, 2017: Secure GOP.

Status, January 7, 2017: Aumua Amata Radewagen (born 1947), a congress aid worker and global electoral monitor, beat the current Democrat with 42% in 2014. It has participated in all congress elections since 1994 and won in 2014 only because the left's vote was divided among several people. Anything new about this agency. Another candidate: ? independant candidate:?

Valuation January 23, 2017: Status, January 7, 2017: Instructor, business man, CEO of the development bank and territorial senator Lolo Moliga (born 1949) was first appointed in 2012 and re-elected in 2016 with 60%. Anything new about this agency. Another candidate: ? independant candidate:? Valuation January 23, 2017: As of May 21, 2016: It will be on the same card as the governor and will be voted.

Lemanu Mauga (born 1959 or 1960), Senator of Veterans and Territory, was Moliga. Anything new about this agency. Senate of the Territory: 18, chosen by and from among locals (impartial). in the year 2020. Territory house: 21 (impartial). 2018 elections.

American-Samoa General Election Candidate List completed

The Samoa News, Sept. 12, 2016 - Chief election officer, Uiagalelei Dr. Lealofi Uiagalelei has submitted without appeal all nominees for government post in the November 8 general elections. Succeeding voters had until 4p.m. last Thursday to defy the qualifying of any candidate in the governors, congressionals and grassroots House of Representativesace.

However none was submitted and this is the first in the last three elections that no appeals were submitted, according to Samoa News Archive. Uiagalelei approved the lists of certificated nominees whose name appears on the voting paper.

Refer to the electoral registry at the end of this document. According to the legal schedule, there are three crews for the governorial race - among them the incumbents of Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga and Lemanu Palepoi Peleti Sialega Mauga; five in the Congress contest incl. incumbents Congressman Aumua Amata; and 62 nominees for the 20 elected White House members.

Swains Island delegate is the 21 st house member. With the exception of Representative Larry Sanitoa, who is a nominee for the office of District Chairman, and the nominee for the office of Aitofele Sunia, all present members of the House are looking for re-election. House spokesman Savali Talavou Ale runs however without contradiction and is thus the first informal outcome of the return to the house for the district of Alataua.

From the interest is there are quite a few feminine contenders - Samoa News scores 10 - for the house event inclusively the two incumbent representatives Vui Florence Saulo and Atalina Asifoa. Meanwhile, the ballot-by-mail was opened last Friday in the Tafuna electoral office and will run until 4 p.m. on 7 November.

The early election is for voters who will leave the country for health care, army missions, employment-related trainings, conferences or missions and holidays.

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