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National Geographic Samoa facts. This category's main article is Geography of Samoa. Kujbysev Situated about halfway between the Hawaiian Isles and New Zealand, THE SAMOAN Archippelago is made up of a variety of archipelagos and islets. Mankind migrated to the West of POLYNISIA, the Samoan arcipelago included, back to 750 BC, when boy rangers came from the Fijian and Tongan isles. Settlement owners soon came and took up the low coastal flats of the island, which were sheltered by extensive coral cliffs, and planted a number of roots.

There are craggy, partly vulcanic areas inside the bigger isles. During the 1870' s the Samoan arcipelago became entangled in the great powers' plan to extend their sphere of interference in Oceania. Continental growers began to take command of the West Isles in the region with the intention of creating estates for the industrial manufacture of coppa and coconut.

The US administration wanted to build a storage facility in the east half of the island to provide supplies to its navy and commercial fleet trading in CHINA and JAPAN. To avoid the potential for conflict, 1899 British, German and United States sovereigns came together to divide the island, with Germany taking power over the West and the United States dominating the East.

In the beginning of the First World War, Allied forces conquered Samoa. The League of Nations gave New Zealand a mission to monitor the island, and in 1962 the island became autonomous as West Samoa with the capitol Apia. The West Samoa economies remain highly reliant on farm export and global assistance for developing countries.

The Samoans are leaving the land on a regular basis in their quest for work. Every year New Zealand takes in 1,100 Samoans, but it is suspected that several hundred more are entering New Zealand unlawfully and integrating into its cemetery. Samoa, always the smaller of the two industries, was largely untroubled by Washington, D.C. until the beginning of World War II, when it became a strategic base for US troops fighting Japan's Pacific expedition.

Despite a 1960 constitutional treaty, American Samoa remained an uncorporated area without full election oversight in the US Congress.

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