Bimini has more fishing, diving, sailing and more to do per square mile than anywhere else in the Bahamas' Out Islands. You will arrive in Bimini, Bahamas by plane or ship. Resort World Bimini with ferry service included. Bimini's shallow, clear waters have always been the perfect place to learn to dive. Locate hotels on the Bimini Islands, bs online.

Eating, drinking and playing on the Bahama island of Bimini

Situated only 50 leagues eastwards from Miami, the Bimini Sports Fish and Snorkel Centre is the nearest Bahama Isle to the USA, consisting of two major isles - North Bimini and South Bimini - and a variety of canays. 30 minutes away from Florida is Bimini, but fortunately the relaxed Carribean atmosphere makes you relax further away.

Today visitors come to the unspoilt Bimini beach, snorkeling around deteriorating wrecks, swimming with pools of sharks and mantas and chartering vessels to fish for marmot, marsupial, demersal, sail fish and bony fish that can be wound up all year round. While Bimini used to be one of the sleepiest Bahamian Isles, there has been an upswing in the tourist industry since the opening of the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini in 2016.

Hire a car and drive into the city to enjoy freshness of mussel lettuce - a ceviche-like mixture of minced shellfish, tomato, red onion, paprika, lemon zest, and lemon zest - this is Bimini's typical bimini treat (along with bimini bred made from homemade sugar coated chocolate and honey). Joe's and Stuart's make mussel and hummer lettuce every day, as the mountain of empty mussels behind their modest stands proves.

Another outstanding meal during a Bimini week-end was Edith's Hummer Papa, roasted seafood at My 3 Daughters and sea bass and roasted lobsters served with C. J.'s Deli potash beers over a stripe of fine sandy sands. Resort World recently created Luna Beaches Club for an upscale night out, led by Michael Capponi, an experienced Miami night life presario known for his South Beaches hotspots: Forge, Bed, Mansion, Privé and LIV.

These are some of his favourite activities in Bimini. "It is my pleasure to be on the waters of Bimini. When you want to see hulls of ferocious whales, sail about two nautical mile to the Northeast of Northern Cliff in the afternoon between 14:00 and 17:00.

Sometimes there can be 20 to 50 invertebrates coming to the ship. Several of the world's greatest whisperer of porpoises have said to me that the Bimini porpoises are the kindest they have ever met. "Honeymoon Cay is 20 minutes by car from Resortsorld Bimini.

It is as clear as a swimmingpool and the water is full of mantas. "Ernest Hemingway has put Bimini on the menu as a renowned area. "Bimini has been voted one of the ten best snorkelling spots in the game. It is a great place for everyone to go snorkelling, as the excursions are usually made in the shallows, so no previous snorkelling experiences are necessary.

The majority are a brief cruise from Bimini and you can see a barrel of aquatic activity all year round. "Because they are the setting for your Bimini adventure, the Tagoon Suites in Resorts World are something really unique. "The rooms are unbelievably roomy and each has a en-suite swimming platform leading directly to the resort's lagoons swimming pools, offering our clients the perfect V.I.P. entertainment experiences.

" "I like the mussel lettuce at Joe's Shack's - and also the crayfish. "I also like the Suzhi Bar in Resorts World. The shellfish and squid are my favourite meals, as well as the sun of a beach Sushi. On Luna Beach are my go-tos of Bahama mussel lettuce, fried sea bass and the elvich.

Get yourself a really filthy diving kiosk - that's bimini brut. Hemingway and Resorts World are always good, as they are the major gambling venue, so you have a great look at everyone who comes to the game. "At Luna Beach, our Full Moon partys are really something really big.

We' ve got astonishing junkanoo actors, fire dances and campfires on the sands.

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