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Journey from us to Samoa

Cities that reflect America's diverse cultures. top. So if you ever wonder what it's like to visit American Samoa, read the following article.

Planning a holiday for Samoa Americans

Once you've figured out Miami Beach - or even San Juan - you're not even near Shangri-La, which is a strictly kept mystery among those who choose to keep the mystery of Samoa to themselves. Plann your next holiday in this paradise of islands and weigh your choice to reveal this mystery to others.

Unforgettable short swimsuits and hardly any strings; Samoan customs require humility. You will want to take lightweight outdoor clothes such as short pants, knitted tops, trousers, skirts and walking shoes if your holiday schedule involves a 3,000 foot climb of Lata Mountain, volcanic routes or the ascents of Sunu'itao Peak and Piumafua Mountain. Allow room in your case for a "lava lava" - both men and woman will be wearing this coat, which is so cosy that you will be wearing it throughout the home when you get back.

Booking a trip to American Samoa via a combined airline, according to your point of origin. The biggest airline companies - Hawaiian and Polynesian Airways - take you to Pago Pago via Honolulu or Apia (Samoa). There you can capture Inter-Island Airways fleets jumper puddles for transportation to remote communities, cities and resorts.

Hire a vehicle at Pago Pago International or book it in advanced when booking a plane ticket. Select one of the colourfully labeled accommodation at Pago Pago Pago - Herb & Sia's Hotel, Ta'aiolo's Lodge & Golf Resort, Turtle & Shark Lodge, Sadie's by the Sea and Sadie Thompson Inn - and use it as your head office to explore the 76 miles of SA from here.

Look at the climate in Pago Pago before leaving the house and wear a rainy pencho to get ready for all the opportunities when you are on holiday between the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, where the temperature is between the high 70' and the low 90' all year round. Take a film with you and make a trip to visit Forbidden Bay, Mount Alava and the Sauma Ridge trail as well as the unspoilt rainforests and archeological excavations in American Samoa - all places you need to take pictures during your holiday.

If you like the oceans but don't sail so well, you' ll never be able to pardon it if your holiday doesn't involve deep-sea yellowfin and skip-jack catch.

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