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Britannica/UIG encyclopedia about Getty Images. Download Guam Island images and royalty-free images from iStock. Pentes de Two Lovers Leap, Tumon Bay, Guam. Parcourir Guam, l'île tropicale qui est devenue le centre des tensions entre les États-Unis et la Corée du Nord neuesten Fotos neuesten. Thousands of troops are to be transferred from the Japanese island of Okinawa to Guam as part of a global realignment of its military.

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North Korea has endangered Guam, the minute US island: "I think the humans are simply stunned".

According to the state press, North Korea is considering the possibility of attacking US force goals in Guam with its medium-range rockets in order to generate "enveloping fire". This embassy arrived hour after President Donald Trump alerted North Korea that "it will be received with fire and anger and, quite honestly, with the kind of might this planet has never seen before" unless the nation stops menacing the United States.

This threat follows a decision by the UN Security Council unanimously to introduce severe new penalties against North Korea. The North Korean state press has often issued warnings of strike action against the United States, but the threat is usually rather blurred and usually contains no such objectives, the Wall Street Journal said.

The fact that Kim Jong Un Guam, the US territorial sovereignty with a strategical airport and a navy base, is no wonder for the 160,000 Guamians on the island. "Whenever a sword rattles in this part of the globe, Guam is always there," said Robert F. Underwood, the University of Guam Chairman and former island representative to the House of Representatives.

"Coming from Guam and living in Guam is disturbing, but not unusual," Underwood said to the Washington Post. Guam Mayor Eddie Baza Calvo announced an email on YouTube early Wednesday mornings, saying the islanders had nothing to fear. Even though local authorities understated any threats, folks living and working on the island that acts as a launchpad for the U.S. Army said Wednesday they could no longer flinch away from the notion of being a possible target. e.g., the U.S. Army is no longer in power.

About 4,000 leagues westward of Hawaii and 2,200 leagues south-east of North Korea, Guam lies on the verge of US might in the Pacific. The Marianas Joint Region is the home base for atomic subs, a group of Special Operations Forces and the starting point for strategical bomber operations flying over Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

Since Spain gave up U.S. Navy power after the Spanish-American War in 1898, Guam has been a key hub of strategy. After the 1941 Pearl Harbor bombings, the island was invaded and conquered by troops from Japan, exposing their own nation to the violent actions of some historic figures estimated to have claimed 10% of its inhabitants.

and commemorated the beginning of U.S.-led efforts to free Guam on July 10, 1944, Underwood said. Today, the island paradise depends on tourists and armed forces to boost its high level of economic growth. One Guam tourist agency said they had never had a flood of clients who wanted to fly from the island.

Recent attempts have been made to give Guam more scrutiny over its administration, and this includes United Nations assistance. North Koreans always react to intimidation with the "strangest rhetoric", said Robert E. Kelly, an North Korean specialist at Pusan National University in South Korea, but Pyongyang also knows that an attack on the United States would be suicide.

Nordkorea has issued a warn against striking against the United States. The state department of the US said last August that all US army base in the Pacific would be "on the brink of bankruptcy if attacked from all sides," the Associated Press said. It followed a caution in 2013 that Kim Jong Un had instructed his army to plan to attack US forces in Guam, Hawaii, South Korea and the United States.

Guam's increasing political and economic importance is due to his superiority, Underwood said. Allies such as South Korea and Japan must allow the United States to set up its defence equipment in the case of an escalation, which can be a long trial. /But Guam has been used to immediately dose energy, Underwood said.

There is also a rocket defence system on the island that aims at rockets. Pyongyang and Beijing, who regard the defence system as an escaping operational force, have been shocked by the existence of THAAD facilities in Korea. Some B-1B Lancer bomber from North Dakota have recently landed in Guam to take off with colleagues from Korea and Japan.

It follows an operations over the Korean peninsula at the end of July in which the Guam fighter aircraft responded to North Korea's second test of an Intercontinental Bullet Rocket, which was said by specialists to have made it as far as New York. Unclearly, after the North Korean menace, the Pentagon had increased the preparedness of its ship and aircraft fleets stationed in Guam.

"We' re always at a high level of preparedness and have the ability to face any kind of threats, including those from North Korea," said Johnny Michael, a spokesperson for Defence Minister Jim Mattis, in a declaration to the post office. Guam is home to some 6,000 soldiers, a number that grows as the United States tries to balance its Pacific powers within a widening range of the Chinese army and North Korea's ever more advanced atomic progam.

"He said back then, "Guam has always been a key part of our plan - certainly a key part of the Navy's plan, but now a key part of the whole Ministry of Defense's plan. This is leaving an island of US nationals following the messages while attitudes on both sides of the Pacific escalate.

He said that press coverage focuses on the importance of defence facilities that make the local people think they are playing on a big screen. Bilbao has a proud heritage of US forces delivering from its island, with a disproportionately large number of enlisted men arriving from there and American Samoa, Underwood said.

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