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Discover American Samoa holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. There however for a more exotic name goes American Samoa. is American Samoa. American Samoa travel guides, including hotels, restaurants, transportation, activities, maps, events and general information. News and multimedia about American Samoa.

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There, however, for a more exotically named goes American Samoa. The reference to this remote island usually draws an empty gaze, but despite its secular name and confused state ( "it is not part of the USA"), American Samoa is one of Polynesia's most breathtaking rams.

This is a photographic celebration of verdant, serrated summits, electric-blue waters and picturesque sandy shores, the isles of America are the material of daydreaming in the South Pacific. The village of Pago Pago, a fishermen's village nestling against one of the most beautiful ports in the whole wide open space of the country, is home to floral towns with deep-rooted tradition outside the borough.

To experience the extremes of escape, visit the secluded Manu'a Islands, considered the native land of Polynesia, or follow in the footsteps of the American Samoa National Park. Whatever adventures you select, this is a Pacific paradise you'll probably have all to yourself.

South Pacific American Samoa Attractions and Events

American Samoa reward fearless travellers in this exotic resort with amazingly beautiful nature and an authentic flavour of Polish cuisine. Pago Pago's Tutuila capitol provides a wide range of favourite walks and attractions: walking on Mount Alava, Two Dollar Beach, National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, hotel, shops and food on Pago Plaza and Fagatogo Square.

American Samoa is a magic adventure for culture-loving guests. More than 90 per cent of the locals speak Samoan. The Samoan communities watch every night and Sunday sacred prayers and peace. That' Fa'a Samoa - The Samoan way. For a journey to American Samoa, foresighted travel plans are indispensable. If you do not stay in Samoa or Hawaii, a stopover is required for your flight to Pago Pago.

When you want to go to the far away Ofu or Ta'u Island, make a reservation in advanced and make the first stage of your outing. Samoa is only 14 degree southern of the Ecuador. In addition, the American Samoa park is rented to the USA, so that the facilities differ from those of other US nature reserves.

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