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See all packages from Explore with Experience, Carlsbad, American Samoa. Harbour in American Samoa, Oceania. Sadie's Hotels in Pago Pago, American Samoa Sadie's Sadie's hotels provide lodging at the edge of Pago Pago Harbor on the Tutuila Islands in American Samoa. Featuring two quaint inns and two world-class dining options, The Sadie Thompson Inn and Sadie's by the Sea provide a great choice of sheltered travel. Almost every room has a panoramic outlook;

from the lofty, luxuriant tropic hills to the beaches and the pulsating turquoise waters.

Sadie's hotels offer great facilities for long or shorter stays for businesses, fun or both. Samoa is off the well-trodden paths, breathtakingly nice, far away from masses of people and the year round is mildly mild to tropically heated. People from all areas of their lives come to experience the relaxed Samoan people.

American Samoa Tour (Pago Pago) - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

TourAmerican Samoa by South Pacific Watersports is the leading travel agency in American Samoa. and had a great one. Snorkelling, walking, car tours and an insular trip through Aunu' u were all great! FLORR has just started out in the roadshow industry.

Made in the USA, she has perfect English, is a member of a historical Samoan familiy, knows everything and will give you great value. It takes 3 hrs and costs $40 per group. They can buy on the jetty, but we have restricted seating and the only way to ensure a guaranteed seating is to buy while space is still available.

AMAZING CAMP in Pago Pago, American Samoa for 8 nights

Experience a one-of-a-kind surf vacation in American Samoa and experience the warmth of the tropics, the rugged green and the blossoming sea lifestyle! In the Pacific Island you take surfing classes and empty line up. In this all-inclusive experience you will taste delicious tastings of locally grown foods, live seafood, freshly caught palamari and tarot from the sea.

Accommodation is in an air-conditioned room, away from a sandstrand in Pago Pago. While on this windsurfing vacation, take a boating trip between the islands to discover the best spots for windsurfing, nature reserves and dining.

These surf holidays take place in Pago Pago, Tutuila Island, American Samoa. Introducing refreshing home-cooked food through a wide range of stores, dining and locals. You offer all the ingredients to fully appreciate your holidays from the first cup of tea to the last glass of ale.

Samoa American food is perfect for all sauces. There is a rich food supply of fruits, starch, beef, fowl and shellfish. There are several restuarants on the islands offering a large selection of hamburgers, steaks, food salad, chickens and regional fishing. You can buy home-made fruits and regional specialities at the market every day, and practical shops sell everything you can buy.

In your free hobbies you can dive and hike.

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