Onetangi Waiheke Island

Ontangi Waiheke Island

The island has three main facilities: Santacastle AT ONETANGI | Be My Guest - Waiheke Island Holiday Home For Let Sancastle on Seventh is the ideal basis for a relaxing vacation on the sea. Featuring lots of room for the whole hosts, large outside open spaces on both sides and breathtaking panoramic view, this is the ideal place to unwind after a strenuous outing! On the upper floor there are lounge, eating and cooking areas, with both sides opening onto a single level - a large sun terrace overlooking the cove at the front and a beautiful protected level at the back, surrounded by a beautifully laid out yard.

On the side of this decks there is also an outside toilet and an outside showers - ideal for spraying the sands! There is a main room that opens onto a beautiful view and sunshine. There is a bunk bed outside the main room. Awaken to the sounds of the sea and take a stroll along Onetangi Beach.

Have a seat on board and admire the view and the beautiful local bird life enjoyed by the saplings. There' s a coach stop right by the street, which offers a good level of services around the island.

Waiheke, NZ, be my guest

This is the ultimative familyseach, a leap from the beautiful Onetangi Strand! This is a great place in Boha look with lots of room right on Onetangi Bai! State-of-the-art design house with round swimming pools and all comforts. It is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a wonderful detached house with a large, shallow meadow and lots of area.

Only a few minuts on foot to Onetangi Beaches! Big luxurious house with stunning view over Onetangi Bay. There is a footpath to the sea. Strand across the street.

67 Waiheke Street, Onetangi, Waiheke Island

There are 3 bedroom, 2 bath, only 9 years old and it begins with a 6th redecorated, new rug and prepared for the year. There is a 3 bedroom heating system, one with its own bathroom, which makes it perfect to accommodate the whole host families or perhaps a roommate to help with the hypothec.

Open galley and living room leading to a terrace overlooking the forest and bird sanctuary. From the Onetangi Pohutukawa Reserve it is only a brief walking distance and offers a nice hike to the beauties of Onetangi beach together with the hustle and the amusement of 2 cafes/bars. It is a great first home or a good choice for the Bach and Airbnb families or as a rent.

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