Tahiti Resorts

Toahiti Resorts

St. Best Tahiti Resorts on TripAdvisor: Tahiti InterContinental Resort, Faaa, French Polynesia. Resorts to relax and unwind in Tahiti. See more ideas about Tahiti Resorts, French Polynesia and South Pacific. Le Meridien Resort Bora Bora is a fantastic place to relax and have a stress-free holiday, including all meals and drinks.

Tahiti Resorts 5 Stars

When you' re looking for luxurious, opulent and breathtaking tropic experiences, the 5-star Tahiti Resorts will really pamper you. There are countless surface cottages that provide your own personal part of the surrounded riff, to the jungles where isolation and intimacy are the order of the night.

Down are the best 5* Tahiti resorts for you next romance and the place to seriously get away from it all. Intercontinental Resort Tahiti is one of the best Tahiti Resorts on the Isle. Featuring extensive lush tropic garden and comforts that are sumptuous, luxury and stylish. There are 32 bungalow, encircled by the blue sea of the own laguna and the own bath.

There are also world-class conveniences and features such as a freshwater lagoon with tropic fishing and tortoises, 2 large swimming pools as well as dining and bar area. Villa Mitirapais is an upscale Tahiti retreat offering only 2 five-star mansions with their own property. Convenience is all with two extra large rooms with separated baths, lounge, large terrace, en-suite bathroom, and a fully fitted canteen.

Beautifully decorated, these mansions have all the necessary elements to make your holiday unforgettable. Nomade Yacht Hotel is a truly one-of-a-kind and luxury hotel like no other in Tahiti. Sailing between the four Leeward Islands, this 5-star swimming destination will navigate through Bora Bora, Tahiti, Raiatea and Huahine on a 6-night cruise.

This modern 5-star cruise ship is beautifully decorated in an exquisite manner in the Scandinavian way, blended with works of Polish architecture. It has 26 well-equipped twin rooms, connected with an al la card dining room, whirlpool, entertainment decks and luxury lounge. Villa Green Valley is 15 min. away on the western shore of Tahiti.

This contemporary group of mansions is perfect for large groups or large groups with four spacious rooms, two verandas on each floor, an open self-catering cuisine and a lounge with high ceiling.

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