Vanuatu Weather September 2016

Weather Vanuatu September 2016

By 2016, El Niño-related severe weather events affected at least 11 countries across Asia-Pacific. Distance: September 27, 2016, 05:18 AM. NAMES - Port Vila - Coastal Walkway Connection - Sept 2016 - Fast halfway. Vanuatu Republic Submissions to the annual focus area for the Paris Capacity Building Committee. Question 1 of 4: I am considering a trip to Vanuatu in September 2015 for the 21.

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Today we drive 5 month in beautiful Fiji to Port Vila in Vanuatu. Add Fiji to your mailing lists for a chance to come over sometime. First we drive on a 530nm pass to Port Via in Vanuatu. After a very nice full moons and a quiet sea (yes..... still driving) we reached Port Vila, Vanuatu, when the light came up.

When we found an anchorage, we asked custom and INS to come to the boat and take us to Vanuatu. We' by Art,'160nm from Port Vila, Vanuatu' Apart from the fact that we don't have enough winds to use the sail without a motor, we've so far been enjoying a beautiful part.

We had 9kts of breeze most of the time. The engine strolls around and gives the Genua some help. At midday the breezes have fallen to 1ct and almost totally shallow sea, so that the engine takes us to Vanuatu by itself. It is expected that we will drop anchor at midday in the morning to request our custom and immigration control and start our two week or so in Vanuatu.

They are barbecued to go out with some of the nice'hot dog' rolls we found at the Fiji fair! Winds are 1. 2 cts of 134°T, the ambient temperatures are 26°C, while the ocean temperatures are 26°C. Between Fiji and Vanuatu' We departed our mooring in front of Vuda Marina around 4:30 pm on Monday, a little later than scheduled, but Andrea had some maintanance jobs that kept him occupied and we were all kind of weary.

That means that we reached the mountain passport, which left the lake shortly after sundown and became black. In the course of the night the breeze eased and the sea calm down a while. We had 1m sea and 10 knots breeze this mornings, so we started the engine to support ourselves a little.

Our first outing was over 210nm and we are now 335nm from Port Vila. Tea and Tracy both fill out the timetable for this section because we are understaffed and they are doing a great work! Winds are 9. 6 ct' of 103°T, the ambient temperatures are 25°C, while the ocean temperatures are 25°C.

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