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Work at ASPA was one of the best times I can choose from my memories. President of the Republican Party of American Samoa; Executive Director of the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA). At ASPA, we have received several awards - charitable work, reliable service, solar storage.

Several Acknowledgements for ASPA - Non-profit work, dependable services, photovoltaic tanks | American Samoa

The American Samoa Power Authority receives the American Public Power Association (APPA) and is one of three honors that ASPA has this year. On June 19, the Communities of the APPA were presented at the APPA National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The ASPA is one of three energy companies (the other two on the American mainland) that have won the prize that "distinguishes energy companies for their "good neighbors" who are committed to the communities ", according to a June 19 APPA press brief. The ASPA said its Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives were emphasized at the recent annual meeting in New Orleans.

This states that the multi-layered efforts include working with pupils and teaching staff, presenting careers, continuing education for teaching staff and other inmates. STEM, the Social Wellbeing Programme and island-wide clean-up are some of the programmes that help ASPA to develop stronger customer and fellowship relations.

Another press announcement, also last Friday, stated that ASPA has received a Platinum Level - RP3 - from APPA for the provision of a secure and dependable electrical supply services. "We' re very proud of the work we're doing for this fellowship. This three-year FP3 award recognises the expertise of four core areas of expertise in the fields of energy utilities: dependability, security, human resources and systems enhancement.

More than 240 municipal services throughout Germany, which bear the name FP3, are affiliated to ASPA. ASPA said in a third press communiqué that it belongs to a selected group of energy suppliers that have the largest number of photovoltaic or energy storing systems on the electricity network in 2017, which earned it a place on the top 10 energy supply sector list drawn up by the Smart ElectricPowerA.

"It is truly a collaboration with the American Samoa Renewable Power Coalition (ASREC)," said Utu, noticing that the Ta'u Solar Hybrid and Ofu Solar Hybrid programs are the start of renewables based power generation because ASPA is working towards the goal of 100% renewables for American Samoa by 2040.

Julia Hamm, Chairwoman and Managing Director of ASPA, is cited in the ASPA press report as saying that this year's top 10 listings represent a crucial time in the US transformation of power generation, as utility companies are focusing more and more on photovoltaics and storages as shared assets that are of benefit to consumers and the network. "In addition to its impressing figures, ASPA represents a powerful example of excellence and governance on which utility companies across the nation will be building as we move towards a cleaner, smarter and sustainable power future," said Hamm.

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