Rotuman Language Dictionary

English-language Rotuman dictionary

Game language(s):, English; Austronesian (Other). New Rotuman dictionary by Elizabeth Inia et al. Language: The Rotuman lifestyle as reflected in their language. This video shows what Rotuman means.

Dixon's mini dictionary gives only one example of suffix decompilation.

Studied stratigraphy. Documents from the....

Each language contains strata of encyclopaedic and grammar element that have flowed into it at different points in the more or less remote past. Therefore, the systematical investigation of such strata for the time before our oldest historic documentary can provide information about the history of a particular speech traditions in many ways.

This book discusses past issues and recent progress in the extratigraphy of Indo-European, South-East Asian, Arabic, African, Asian, Oceanian, Japanese and Mesoamerican langua.

Communications, education and language

in the Rotuman sayings of Elizabeth Inia. Elizabeth Inia has been using Rotuman sayings for over 30 years to teach Rotuman language and traditions to school children, educators, clergymen, and schoolgoers. These sayings offer a distinctive insight into the Rotuman cultural centre and refer to places, geographic characteristics and historic occurrences that characterize Rotuman.

Rotuman's sayings mirror Rotuman's attitude, value and convictions regarding work, eating, generosity, honesty and simplicity, straightforwardness and truthfulness, affective controls, looks and sanitation, drink and smoke and chatter. The new Rotuman dictionary by Elizabeth Inia et al. at the suggested $32 selling point, built on Churchward's 1940 Rotuman-English dictionary, has been comprehensively upgraded and reworked by five individuals who have worked on this program for nearly 20 years.

It is a useful resource for Rotumans and Rotuma users. Suggested Retail Price $10.00. This and other secrets about Fijian are informally resolved here for those who know that they will really appreciate the land more if they have an understanding of the language.


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