Norfolk Island Customs

The Norfolk Island Customs

Only APO Customs Mail Entry. Not including Papua, Norfolk Island and the New Guinea mandate. The Norfolk Island Customs The Norfolk Island habits. Information for customs on the island of Norfolk: Although Norfolk is an External Territory of Australia, it has its own immigration authorities that manage the immigration of Norfolk Island. This is followed by information to help you enter the country regarding airline licences and forbidden items:

Ppassenger concessions: Mandatory items - such as some sports gear, wearable devices, implements or equipments used by the customer in the exercise of his job or deal. Please do not hesitate to ask Norfolk Island Customs for more information (see below). A number of over-the-counter medications may be in this class; if in question, call Norfolk Island Customs before you leave.

It would be wise to contact Norfolk Island Customs and/or Norfolk Island Police before considering importing a gun. For more information, contact Norfolk Island Customs:

Amendments for importer of vegetable, livestock and organic goods | Associated customs and forwarding companies

The information provided here is valid for exporters of vegetable, livestock and organic products and customs agents, as well as those importing into Australia's outermost regions (Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Norfolk Island). Importer are informed that the provisions of 174 (1) of the Biosafety Act 2015 are currently being changed. The aim is to make sure that the alternatives for certain products offer the appropriate level of protection for Australia by addressing the bio-security threats associated with those products, while at the same time reducing the regulation burdens on those importing those products, where appropriate.

Most changes will take effect from 21 December 2017. Exceptions are new alternate terms that are applicable to clean leaves and leaf. These will only be applicable from 1 March 2018 in order to give companies enough free rein to adapt their operation to new alternate circumstances. Certain goods can only be imported into Australia and its territory with an entry visa.

If this is certain, however, exporters may introduce certain goods without authorisation if they fulfil other requirements for imports. Importantly, the upgraded terms and condition still address the biosafety risks associated with these goods, remain at Australia's appropriate levels of security and, where appropriate, lower the regulation burdens on these goods' exporters.

The regulation of the goods will also be changed so that the alternate requirements to be fulfilled for the following goods will be changed: Any goods arriving in Australia must still comply with the terms of entry specified in BICON. Novel alternate ways to bring your cat and dog to Norfolk Island.

You do not need an entry licence if you fulfil these requirements. Updating of the terms of import in the case of potato, onion, cloves and maize. The changes in state are the result of an examination of the state of importation carried out by us and discussions with state and territorial phytosanitary agencies. Novelty for importation of animal feed, substrates and fertilisers.

However, if you already have an entry licence, it is not affected. BICON, the division's biosafety data base, does not contain any information on imported products to Norfolk Island, Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands. More information on the new terms and regulations for outside areas can be found on the page outside areas on the Department's website.

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