American Samoa Park

Samoa American Park

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Samoa National Park

The name Samoa means "holy earth". "Situated about 2,600 leagues south-west of Hawaii, American Samoa, an area of the United States, consists of ten volcano isles ( "five inhabited") and two altolls of corals ( "one inhabited"). The congress approved the country for a park in 1988. The Samoan chieftains signed a 50-year leasehold in 1993, allowing the NPS to cultivate an area of rainforest, beaches and reefs on three islets.

The Samoans help with the management of the park, and their towns provide some guesthouse services (ask the park for its one-of-a-kind host family program). This park is home to several hundred different plants in five different rainforest communities: lowlands, mountains, coastline, ridges and clouds. It' the only rainforest on American soil. That' s the only one.

Visiting the wildlife include a number of tropic bird species and the threatened wild dog - a bats with the wingspread of a screech ow. In Tutuila, the biggest American Samoa archipelago, high vulcanic burrs look over the dark purple water of Pago Pago Harbour. Apart from a few towns and the picturesque voyage that surrounds the port and the tragic south coast, there is little flat area.

On this crumbling ground, which slopes sharply towards the north of the isle, there is a park area - about 2,500 hectares of country and about 1,200 hectares of seas. The Ta'u Park, the most eastern of the islands, covers approximately 5,400 hectares - includes Lata Mountain, America's highest mountain - and 1,000 hectares off the water. The panorama views from the cloudforest to the steep rocks of the south coastline are inconceivable.

The small, secluded island of Ofu encompasses the most beautiful American Samoa beaches. From Honolulu there are twice a week departures to Pago Pago, which last 5.5 h. From California it takes about 14 hrs, incl. a 3- or 4-hour stay in Honolulu. To Sadie Thompson Inn, Sadies by the Sea Hotel, Pago Airporth Inn, Tessarea Vaitogi Inn, Tradewinds or Motu-o-Fiafiaga Motel from the AĆ©roport.

Each of these accommodation is accessible by coach or road from the Pago Pago Park Residence Centre. It takes about half an hours by plane from Pago Pago to get to Ta'u, while Ofu Island guests are taken to Ofu by native fishermen. Ofu's Park starts at the outskirts of the Ta'u International Park, about half an hours walking distance from the Aiport.

From June to September the temperature and the rains decrease slightly. Before your stay, please consult the park's head office. And for information, please see National Park of American Samoa, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799. Alternatively, you can also go to the Pago Pago Visitors' Centre opposite the Pago Way Service Station.

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