Where to go in Oahu

To where in Oahu?

It is less than an hour from Waikiki, on the east coast of Oahu. When you go to Oahu, do NOT visit Waikiki Beach. Situated on the north coast of Oahu, Sunset Beach attracts both tourists and locals who come here to enjoy crystal clear waters and chill in the sun. Best movie you can see before you go to Oahu? Are you looking for activities in Oahu at night?

What to do with Oahu's best photo opportunities?

While Oahu has shooting options on both sides, your holiday is probably short, so where should you go to get the best pictures? Makapu'u is not open to the general population, but the path close by provides a magnificent sight of the light house itself and the sea around it. The viewpoint provides a panorama of the sea, Kaneohe Bay and the neighbouring hills.

If you want to photograph surfer, wave or landscape, this has some great possibilities. waikikiki bechach is a comfortable stop for everyone who lives in honolulu. With some of the most beautiful sundowns you' ve ever seen, take your cameras to this section of coastline before spending an evenings in the city.

It is a popular vantage point offering a range of photographic possibilities. Situated on the north coast, this is a great place to see tortoises. Tortoises come to this sandy spot because of its seaweed and it is a good place to come in summers when the water is a little smaller.

Oahu Whalewatching Trips are available during the months of December to April or May. In order to switch off several sights at once, you make an isle round trip. The Oahu sight-seeing trips, such as the Grand Circle or 5 Star Circle Iceland are great opportunities.

It lasts all night and has more shooting options than you could ever wish for.

Which way to Oahu beyond Waikiki?

The Waikiki is Oahu's most popular district. However, as more and more islanders search outside Waikiki, they discover flourishing municipalities with indisputable attractions for visitors. These four trendy Honolulu games have a lot to boast for Oahu-bound customers who are willing to think beyond the classic Honolulu tourism game. In Honolulu city centre, once overlooked, this once highly imaginative industry has been turned into a trendy meeting place by creatives.

In the evenings, Chinatown will host some of Hawaii's most exciting Hawaiian shows, such as First Friday Bloc Partys, The Arts at Mark's Garage Event and Hawaii Theater Scenic Shows. His up-and-coming dining world is unsurpassed in the state, with recent favourites like The Pig & The Lady and Lucky Belly. Gourmets who know, however, keep an eye on Kaimuki.

A 10-minute ride from Waikiki takes you to the famous cafes like Kaimuki Superette, Mud Hen Water and 12th Ave Grill. Kakaako is undergoing a process of transformation between Waikiki and the city of Honolulu. Simultaneously, ecological communal gatherings make cocoa a nervous and enjoyable meeting place for tourists and local people. Colourful mural paintings on the wall of old houses keep cocoa alive in the middle of upheaval.

Just around the edge of Waikiki is Kapahulu, where old and new merchants with their own special aura.

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