By the Bay Norfolk Island

At the bay of Norfolk Island

Nice sheltered bay...very relaxing..

great place to swim in summer. To the south, Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay open up into the Kingston Lagoon and the reefs and wide expanse of Sydney Bay. The Slaughter Bay is the best place to explore the coral reef, tropical fish and waters of Norfolk Island. Take a walk along the coast to Emily Bay and the cemetery. #norfolkinsel #bestplacetoswim #doesntlooklikethistoday:


Situated in a stunning location with stunning scenery, By the Bay is surrounded by 8 acre of grass on a hilltop with a view of the glistening water of Ball Bay, the oceans and your own remote rain forest vale. A lovely winter garden offers a 270° panoramic view that allows the demanding traveler to experience the complete remoteness of this one of a kind house.relax in complete privacyThe estate lies between lofty pine trees guarding a remote rain forest on one side and Ball Bay with the adjacent Bucks Point Reserv.

There is a picknickable in our privacy area, which is the ideal place to eat or to observe the beautiful birdlife of the island.

It' totally astonishing! - reviewed by BY THE BAY - NORFOLK ISLAND, Norfolk Island

It is a detached home on a rocky promontory with a view of Balls Bay and the view is just breathtaking. There are 3 bedrooms/2 baths in the building. The en-suite has a swimming pool with panoramic view over the bay. It is a little bit older with 80s decor/lottage. It was the owner's advice to renovate the building in 2014, so it would be best to inspect it beforehand.

with an unrestricted mileage. It was in perfect working order, but good to avoid the island. The house is located anywhere near and 5 minutes away by road from the city, Emily Bay beaches or the Kingston area. Also, e-mails from Blackberries did not work on the island.

We have some funky TV stations in our own home, but we have decided not to see TV all weekend and just relax in the home and enjoying the view.

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