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In this special book there are chapters focusing on the media in American Samoa, television stations in American Samoa and radio stations in American Samoa. Under the direction of EMC, Radio Samoa WVUV and the Office of Public. American Samoa radio stations: Radio stations in the USA. FM, Wvuv, Kjal, Knwj, Wvuv-FM, pdf.

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Leone, AS, American Samoa (USA) RCHRISTIAN FM 104.7 104 FM104 Shower of Boeing Since October 1999 KNWJ 104.7FM has been operating in the U.S. territory of American Samoa. This is the first full 24/7 full scale commercially available radio broadcaster in the territory. top/big/medium/small refer to the scale of FM broadcasting network.

The GAO report: American Samoa and Two States fail national EAS test | American Samoa

More than a year ago, when the German authorities carried out a national emergency alarm test (EAS test), the test and information were not picked up by American Samoa. And two states also recieved only part of it, according to a US Administration Accountability Office (GAO) document dating last months and freed later last weeks.

To American Samoa, the Primary Entry Point (PEP) is the WVUV-FM radio transmitter, which is also the area' s primary EAS transmitter. The WVUV is one of two South Seas Broadcasting Inc. radio broadcasters. In November 2011, the national test, covering all states and territory, was co-ordinated by the U.S. Fed. Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the U.S. Fed. Communications Commission and other feder...

"FEMA was not able to connect to the WVUV on the test date for whatever reason," he said. "Finally, I was told that FEMA was going to change to some kind of sat link, but I'm still awaiting precise detail. If another test is carried out, we are ready," says Fuss by e-mail from the continent.

FEMA reports that three of the 63 PEP sites were not able to recieve and resend the alarm during the 2011 EAS test for technological reason, according to the 46-page GAO review. These three PEP sites were in New Mexico, Alabama and American Samoa. The FEMA official explained to GAO that 50 PEP wards have been added to the engaged satellites alliance.

"FEMA officers say that once this FEMA is up and running, this will be the main link between FEMA and the PEP workstations in the case of a president alarm; the conventional phone back-up grid will offer a back-up redundancy connection," said GAO. In November 2011, FEMA carried out the first country-wide test of the EAS in reaction to GAO's previous reporting on the shortage of EAS tests.

During the test, FEMA issued a domestic warning message to EAS subscribers, including approximately 26,000 radio stations, cabling and other EAS subscribers, via the EAS Relais network. In order to obtain information on the results of the test, the FCC instructed all EAS attendees to submit an electronic or hardcopy notification by December 27, 2011, stating whether they had recieved and resent the alarm.

The GAO's four key findings in its review include that FEMA establishes guidelines in connection with the FCC (e.g., in addition, it develops and implements a policy for regular review of compliance with EAS, which includes reviewing the need for a country test score, milestone and timeline development, improvement of post-event and post-event plan reports.

FEMA, an office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, agreed with the advice and provided samples of measures that the government will take to respond to the advice, GAO said. With regard to the effort to improve the statewide EAS audit, FEMA is planning to work with German government agencies, the FCC included, to establish a nation-wide audit scheme, establish landmarks and timelines for further audits, enhance compliance effort and provide follow-up reports.

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