The Barbados' leading business & investment resource. The easternmost island of the Lesser Antilles, Barbados is the next country for yachts crossing the Atlantic on the trade wind route. NOTE: The CDC has identified Barbados as an affected area of the Zika outbreak. Barbados apartments search. By the Barbados Holiday Apartments experts:

Courses Information

You can take a guided walk through the course and the clubs, see prices and charges and reserve your driving times. Check out what shows & clubs are taking place and sign up for them. Staying in a twin resort, get a route description to the location and see what people have to say about the course.

This course was endorsed and penalized by the PGA European Tour to hold a PGA Seniors Tournament in 2003, and it has also organized the Barbados Open several times. It was re-opened in 2000 after a rebuilding phase according to the environmental guidelines of Ron Kirby, one of the most prestigious and skilled course designers in the game.

Each player's challenge, reward and landscape view of the course encourages gamers of all skill levels to be determined to gamble and improve their skill while they enjoy the companionship of a friend in a tropic environment.

LUXUS Accommodation

Offering world-class dining with a global reach, this all-inclusive destination includes a celebratory India style dining experience and cutting-edge lounge and swimming pools design. Relax in the relaxing calm of Kalypso Beach, soak up the hours of surfing and enjoying the sunny and relaxing atmosphere and discover your luxury suites, which offer everything from sea view and Butler Elite services to Barbados' biggest and longest swimming pools and Tranquility Soaking Tubs on most of Barbados' verandas and verandas.

Beach luxuries take on a new dimension with rooms and suite that nestle along the unspoilt sand of Maxwell Beach. Barbados offers you a mega-holiday, which contains 2 resort for the cost of one. Explore all our restaurant, all our beach and all the amenities. Situated next to each other, our resort offers 17 eateries, 12 pubs and one of the 5 major swimming pool.

We' ve created the bar exactly where they should be - right on the shore and just above the sea - to offer you a truly genuine on the islands. Whit sandy shores and Carribean drinks are the inspirational source of exuberant meetings, so take a place and let the parties begin and many, many more..... pick-me-ups all around the clock. Every evening is a feast... places - all inclusive!

Our world-class gear, highly trained personnel and unrivalled tropic sites allow you to decide whether you want to sail over the sea - powered by either winds, motors or muscles - or submerge under its unspoilt area. Unrivalled butler services, available only in our very highest quality suite, offer our most demanding clients an unimaginable degree of comfort and convenience to meet all their needs. Sophisticated English butler guild quality that provides butler and servants to nobles and VIPs world over.

Once you have swapped your pledges, you can start your day with unlimited possibilities to spend your free day together, from such tropical and romantically decorated suits, which we called "Love Nests Suites", to private meals under the bright moonlight skies, walks on the beaches and every country and aquatic activity under the suntan.

Unwind and relish your stress-free journey with non-stop airconditioned transfer and roomy, comfy seats. Or choose a stylish journey with a luxurious car from our first-class fleets, which is available for an extra charge. We can customize our treatment to suit your individual needs, whether it's the ideal environment for your wellness or your preferred tropicĀ flavor.

Iceland Routes offer luxurious adventures ranging from fully enjoyable to wonderfully relaxing. Select from up to 17 eateries & more! Barbados has a great holiday with two resort for the cost of one. Enjoy all our dining, all our beach and all the amenities. Each of our resort is located next to the other, so you can get between them as well.

Barbados is the best way to get up-close.

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