Planning a Maui Vacation

Maui vacation planning

Discover the best of Maui on your holiday. You can use our Maui Travel Planner to create the best itinerary for you. Tips for a smooth holiday! These are some of my favorite Maui travel tips to help you plan your Maui vacation! Tips for Maui, HI family holidays.

Top Maui travel tips for planning your Maui vacation

These are some of my favorite Maui holiday advice to help you organize your Maui holiday! 1 ) Regardless of when your flights arrives in Maui, you will not be tempted by booking all Maui activity on that time. When you try like me to have as much pleasure as possible on your Maui vacation, you will be tempted not to take it.... but just think... what if your aircraft is late? or even more so... your flights are canceled?

As soon as you get to Maui, simply take what's still of your days and use it to familiarize yourself with your resorts or convention center..... take a stroll on the beaches or in your neighborhood..... drink at the Mai Tai on a Mai..... or unwind on your landai and listen to the sounds of the waves.... 2) Booking your Maui activity from home, a few days before your departure to Maui.

With this Maui trip tip, you will not miss anything that will make your pulse beat faster, as it is already firmly reserved on your arrival in Maui. We' ve been told that the Old Lahaina Luau ticket is sold out on a regular basis - we reserved it a few extra week in advance and ended up with some of the best spots!

It couldn't have been better for us to book our services in advance from home! So I could see everything I wanted to see, and I didn't have to spend a lot of my vacation readin' a bunch of brochures to find out what I was gonna do next. It is a big isle and the simplest way to get around is by road.

When you want to make some savings, you can get economical vehicles at a very low per diem price, and that makes travelling in Maui SO much easter! Oh, and in the sense of Maui #2 trip tip, schedule in advance and reserve your hire a few week before your departure to Maui.

Last thing you want is to come to Maui and find out that they have nothing for you - make sure you don't have it! 4 ) Consider using the last half-minute of your trip to schedule your journey from the airfield to your city.

It is especially important if you are planning to drive a rented vehicle yourself (see Tip No. 3). As I see it, the trip is dull - so you don't waste your flying hours planning your journey. At the same timeframe, as soon as your aircraft lands, your holiday has started formally!

You really want to waste half an hours at the beaches trying to find your way to your motel? More Maui travel hints..... 1 ) 2) To Maui? Advice for your trip to "Valley Isle" 3) With the children to Maui? Travelling hints to make them feel good on the airplane!

Did you ever take your children to Maui? Please click here to tell your story about taking the children on the airplane! Goto How do I get to Maui?

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