Rarotonga Cook Islands Holidays

The Rarotonga Cook Islands Holidays

Cokinseln Villas, Villas Rarotonga The Cook Islands Holiday Villas are located in Rarotonga with a large private swimming area. uri is 11 km from the plot. The Cook Islands Holiday Villas also include a barbeque. Bicycle and rental cars are available on the premises and the area is very much likeable for golf. Rarotonga International is the closest international Rarotonga International and is 2 km from the Cook Islands Holiday Villas.

Visitors must present a photographic ID and a debit cardholder ID at check-in. All special requests are dependent on stock and may incur extra costs. Please notify Cook Islands Holiday Villas in advanced about your estimated date of your stay. Or you can use the field Special wishes when making your reservation or directly address the real estate with the address given in your order confirmations.

NZD 150 must be paid on the day of your departure. The full amount of this guarantee will be refunded at checkout, provided that the lodging is checked. Payments are made before your departure by wire-pay. After your booking, the real estate will get in touch with you to give you directions.

About Rarotonga Holiday & Hotels Guide | Rarotonga Cook Islands

Most of Rarotonga's coastlines are inhabited by families and tourists. You will find nice sandy spots along the whole western, southern and south-eastern coasts, with Muri Beach being the most visited. It has a very enchanting and relaxed vacation ambience with good dining and pubs, making it a favourite option for those who want to have a little bit of party.

In Rarotonga on the Cook Islands almost 90% of visitors spent their holidays. Situated on the cliffy northern shore of the capital is the city' s capital and cosmopolitan city. Rarotonga's most seaside resorts and other accommodations are located on the western and southern coasts and halfway up the eastern coasts, ending at the magnificent Muri beaches with its pristine islands of lagoons.

Rarotonga is less than an hour's walk around the costal highway with magnificent view of the luxuriant tropic hills along the way. Have a look at our Rarotonga Accomodation for ratings of all accommodations or choose from our suggested choices from the list below: Rarotonga's west shore is a long sand dunes with many small resort and bungalow along the shore.

Six good, self-contained restuarants, all within easy walk from the hotel. As a lee side of the isle it is safe from the predominant wind and has the sunnier climate, which makes it more suitable for sun worshippers. Rarotonga's southern coastline is the calmest and has beautiful sandy areas, making it a good place for a relaxing holiday.

It has several beautiful small collection of sand bungalow and the Laguna has the best snorkeling on the Cook Islands. From Avarua city and the international airports, the southern shore is about 30 min. away. This is Rarotonga's busiest and most evolved tourism area, with almost twenty accommodation options and a range of independant canteens.

While the beaches and uninhabitated islands form the most scenic environment on Rarotonga, the disadvantage is that the trade winds can sometimes blow into clouds in the early afternoons while the remainder of the islands bathe in the sun. Rarotonga's Saturday mornings' highlight is the Avarua Town Fair, where you can taste delicious chocolate beads, coconut and other cuisine.

Situated on a cliffy shore, Avarua City is five-minute drive from the IATA. There are only a few motel-style lodgings along the northern shore, which is a good basis for adventure-loving holidaymakers to enjoy the city' s insular night life and discover the promontories that give an idea of the Cook Islands' relaxed lifestyles and wonderful mountains.

This small cosmopolitan airfield is located on the northern shore of Rarotonga and there are good local transportation services around the islands and many businesses that offer small group rentals, scooter rentals and sight-seeing touring. Avarua capital has proper gift stores, banking and vibrant pubs and there are many independant restuarants all over the isle.

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