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Unaffected is Kadavu, Fiji's fourth largest island. Booking Papageno Resort, Kadavu Island on TripAdvisor: The Matava Resort is an intimate eco-trip with its dive boat that makes double dives. The best Kadavu Island Resorts on TripAdvisor: Here you will find travel reports, snapshots and prices for resorts in Kadavu Island, Fiji.

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Discover your adventurous mind and enjoy the wonderful natural beauties of a secluded, unspoilt Fijian Isle. Diving vulcanic rainforest hillsides encounter blue algae and the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef, a unique and unspoilt piece of countryside, unfurls before your eye. Manta Reef is a place where our visitors can go diving and sometimes snorkeling all year round.

It is a feedlot, but sometimes people stop to keep the dive site clear. There are local people and sporadic strikes of Mantova.


Kadavu Island is one of the most unspoilt areas in the worid where ancient Fiji traditions and ways of life are at work. It has few streets, few outdoor areas and minimum exposure to lights and noises. Visitors have the possibility to dive into the genuine Fiji cultural landscape, go on one-of-a-kind eco-adventures or simply relax in nature.

The Great Astrolabe Reef has a large selection of corals and fishing for the diver. Discover our picture gallery to see images of the reserve and our activity.

Kadavu Dive, Matana Beach Resort - Home

Katadavu has just seen a Class 3 hurricane that hit the island on Tuesday afternoons. Fortunately, no human life is wasted, but the loss is substantial. The majority of the population in the towns next to Matana Beach Resort (Navuatu and Drue) have either damaged their buildings or completely abandoned their buildings and estates.

A part of Drue Elementary School was also ruined. In the resort we landed with saltwater in some of the Beac....hfront bugs, a badly broken canopy, a totally ruined shed and many falling down topples. But on the bright side, we have three Boers who have fully escape the wind, all our hot watermodules have outlived, we have some power and we have re-established the supply of rain.

Navuatu and Drue are all our employees - the provision of employment and incomes is the best way to help everyone back on their feet and maintain the feeling of normalcy in this period of need.

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