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Cooking Islands Travel

Trip Advisor There' s a whole range of options for a single traveller, but I used to love the beach bungalow at the Raratonga Backpackers. I' d like to take a look at the less travelled islands of Mauke, Mangaia and Mitiaro. They will not deal with the tourist or the characteristics of contemporary civilization that are part of everyday living in Raro and Aitutaki.

You will not soon be forgotten when you go to one of them. Everybody is kind and respectable when meeting on the beach or on an isle. Vara's is known as a meeting place for single travelers (& great beach location), Aroko Bungalows, Tamariki Mansion, Are Mango, Tiana's, King's Villas, Kura's Kabanas - all good possibilities.

Besides, what activities would you like to do while you are on each of the islands? In May 2007 I, then 40, was on Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu - two whole wards. I' d strongly advise you to see Aitutaki and Atiu. I like Aitutaki (well, everyone knows.....), but Atiu is something very unique!

I admit I didn't use the last one, but I did a trip with its proprietor - Marshall Humphreys - and considered that I didn't remain there. I had a great place to live in Atiu - Are Manuiri Guesthouse, but I was the only one who lived in a big building, so the first evening was a little uncomfortable.....

For five a fortnight we encountered 12 persons travelling alone. Diving, as many individuals do. Especially a guy we dived with eight dives around the globe. Late that weekend he had another invitation from the locals and that night he went to his home and went with him and his mates.

but is still calm enough for a one-man traveller. At Aitutaki we have seen very few visitors, it is so calm there. We meet a man from Germany who was travelling alone when he was on our Teking Lagoon Tour. Aitutaki was there for a whole weekend and was on our North America trip and he said he was in love with Aitutaki and Raro as people.

We' ve only seen a few honeymoons on Aitutaki so you won't be bombed with romanticism as you think. He' s been travelling the globe for a year - he resigned his position in Holland and just took off. Simultaneously I am told that September/October is the best period to go in relation to the weathers.

That is not the main reasons why I decided during this period, but still I don't want to travel every single days with storm and rains. Hello Hassant, the LAX -RAR-directflight reaches Raro at first light on a Monday mornings.

Between Aitutaki and Atiu the trip takes place on a Wednesday (with both ways). Do you have some possibilities for accommodation on the different islands? They could have followed the new threads regarding Muri lagoon cruises on Raro. Snorkel equipment can be rented and is available in many sports shops around Raro.

You' so right, you won't let the storm on the islands affect your game. Sometimes Aitutaki sunbathes in the sun while our garden around Raro is taken over by the outdoors. While the predominant wind can give Takitumu fluid sunlight, the other side of the peninsula has a clear sky.

Aitutaki street races, I think. I' ve been spending month worried about the wheather, it's going to rainstorm, etc. It rained a few nights in Raro, but it was still warm! To be honest, the rains won't be an option. Raining makes the ATV trip in the jungles even more enjoyable!

The Aitutaki was always warm and the one when it rained, the rains were pouring down for 5 min and then went away. I' m so jealous everyone's going to Raro and Aitutaki! Soon can I get you a picture card from Aitutaki, Joc? Hello Frang, are you going to Aitutaki soon?

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