Biggest Island in Fiji

Largest island in Fiji

It separates the two largest islands in Fiji - Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Rewa, which flows into the sea in the southeast of Vitilevu, is the largest. A few months ago we drove to Bora Bora, Moorea and the main island Tahiti. The area between the two main islands makes Fiji the soft coral capital of the world. There are two main islands in Fiji, Viti Levu, where the tourist centre Nadi and the capital Suva are located, and Vanua Levu in the Northern Division.

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We' re planning to go in July and spend a whole weekend here. We' re interested in doing some other things to discover the island, but a childless relaxing weekend is the main one. What island(s) would be the best option? A number of different outdoor and sea related acitivities are available during a week's sojourn.

When you choose Fiji, you have to spent a day on the less beautiful island, then take a plane to one of the outside Isles to get to paradise. Nevertheless, the island of Risotonga is very beautiful and has some great accommodations. Children free at Crown Beach and Little Polynesian.

It is a little bit warm in Aitutaki than further northern around 250KM. good fortune! It is very much loved by homestay groups with kids, especially in the large resort on the island. A number of nice off-shore islets with some amazing resort sites, some of which are childless. There are some more accessible than others, but you would probably have to stay a few nights in Nadi at each end of your sojourn.

Fijians are charming humans and Fiji would probably be a little hotter than Raro in July. Since you only have a whole weekend, I think Rarotonga would look good on you. It is located in the most quiet part of the island and has the best snorkeling and bathing possibilities. Does not have to stay on the island either overnight or overnight on the way to and from Fiji.

Fiji 5 islands for a private & romatic escape

You' ll find it in Fiji. Only one third of the 333 wonderful Fiji Island is populated. Fiji Airways, which now offers twice a week non-stop services from Singapore to Fiji, is only a few short minutes away from this eerie wonder. For your honeymoons, anniversaries or weddings, here are our top-pick of the most secluded and unspoilt Fiji archipelago, which promises you and your loved ones heaven on Earth.

Only 10 min by floatplane westward of the Viti Levu land, the island of Malolo provides the couple a scenic, quiet holiday near the Nadi International Park for a brief holiday. Malolo is the biggest of the Mamanuca Isles - a string of 20 isles that are among the most frequently shot and recorded places in Fiji, for Castaway and Survivor among others.

Well-known as the island where the serenity of the sea comes to an end," Malolo inspired pairs to spend time on blessed Pacific shores, forgetting their cares and cameramen. No wonder Malolo is a favorite for marriages at sundown. The Likuliku Lagoon is the only Fiji resorts with surface mansions on the island of Malolo.

Situated in a lake with a wealth of sea and terrestrial diversity, Likuliku is a haven from the outside worlds, the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. A group of Fiji singers who greet every visitor on arrival on the island is a cordial welcome that is best to share with someone you like.

Heaven in Fijian meansasawa and it is simple to understand why the jagged, emerging string of 20 isles forming Fiji's west boundary was called this way. These breathtaking, statue-like isles are a tragic scenery and were once taboo for visitors. Without business and banking, it is a great place to detoxify from civilization during a pause.

Drawaqa Island or Barefoot Mantta Island, one of the best mantasafaris, is a favourite one. Situated near a canal, the island offers pairs the unforgettable adventure of bathing or scuba-diving in the canyon. Floating in the calm and tranquillity of a calm and calm sea with gentle ray of mantas in a dark sea will be a memento that will keep you in honour for a lifetime.

Ideal for those looking for paradise at an accessible rate, while luxury 5-star hotels provide maximum enjoyment. The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa could even help those who want to get married or restore their vow by organizing a time-honoured scandal with a watch of Fiji fighters and a chorus from a neighbouring town.

Come back to the countryside with your companion on the island of Taveuni, the island of Fiji with its most tropical wildlife. From Nadi, a brief home trip with Fiji Link takes passengers to North Island, which also hosts Waitabu Marine Park, Bouma National Heritage Park, Lavena Coastal Walk and Tavoro Falls.

The island hides the Tagimoucia flowers, which can't be found anywhere else in the game. As well as connecting this true Eden with luxuriant walks and waterfalls to chill out on, pairs can be the first in the worid to see the sun rise as the International Date Line passes through Taveuni.

There is nothing beyond the common days, especially at the stunning Taveuni Island Resort and Spa, which has luxurious privately owned mansions of over 100 sq. m. with sea views and floor-to-ceiling suroundings. This is the ideal island hiding place where you can enjoy a whole days alone with a beloved person.

Whoever is looking for country-style luxuries and exquisite romanticism cannot ignore Dolphin Island. On the Suncoast side of the island, this all-inclusive getaway becomes your home, as the reservations here are exclusively, i.e. you are the only one. If it is a romantical date for two or a holiday for the whole familiy, the island and its facilities and activites are yours.

That is the Robinson dynasty of Switzerland on a 5-star-grade. Let the children stay with the island nurse and revive the romantic atmosphere in this heavenly straw-covered, candlelit open-air room. Fiji has several beautiful privately owned isles for the ultimative hidden lovers' home, aimed solely at lovers looking for shelter.

Matangi is one of them - a horseshoe-shaped island with unspoilt rain forests and sandy shores. Matangi, one of three small volcano archipelagoes just south of Taveuni Island, was taboo until recently when it was turned into a hidden world. Matangi Resort provides tailor-made solutions for pairs, such as the Island Wedding Pack, Renewal of Vows Pack, Romance Pack and Spa Pack.

Encircled by luxuriant rainforest leaves, just a few paces from the shore, these tree houses have a privately owned sundeck, an open-air delta showers, an open-air whirlpool, a privately owned kings' day beds and a great view of the sundown. Its horse-shoe shape is so breathtaking that in the textbook 1,000 places you can see before you pass, it is one of the world's absolute must-see attractions.

However, perhaps more dramatic than its physical splendour is the Matangi family's warmness, which has given each part of the complex a unique character that makes it difficult not to be at home.

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