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Here you will find student evaluations, school photos, Inglés courses and accommodation at the Genius English Proficiency Academy in Cebú, Filipinas. PEDRO (Manager) Filipinas Building, Manila. Making a Filipina. Pretty Filipinas who want to get married. Locations for your first date with a Filipina in Cebu Philippines.

Filipinas, Cebu - German Translations

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Idaa Academia (Cebu, Filipinas) - Avaliações

DEACADEMIA is not in the center of Cebu and the most popular escola of the Filipinas. She is a member of the professorial staff at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Cebu. Nationalidade and a mixture of IDEA Academy is a mixture of a long lasting percussion of speed, cursing and movement.

The IDEA ACDEMIA is the ideal solution for you: The IDEA Académia is now available for download. The IDEA Academy is the newest IDEA GROUP institute, which also runs Idea Cebu (school) and TOP ESL (online teaching of English), in the centre of Cebu, one of the largest metropolises in the Philippines and a centre of world-class linguistic schooling.

In the Philippines, Cebu is the perfect place to learn and our pupils can take advantage of high-quality teaching in England with the help of professionally trained and highly qualified mother-tongue instructors. During the week-ends, our guests can take advantage of the many different leisure and recreational opportunities in one of the most beautiful bathing resorts in the whole wide range. The Idea Academia offers tailor-made class rooms, lounge and dinning rooms with a magnificent panoramic views from the sixteenth century.

All our courses are designed to meet the needs of pupils of different age groups, abilities, backgrounds and objectives. Our goal is not only to help our pupils study with us, but also to strengthen their trust and faith in themselves, to use the country's languages worldwide.

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