Rarotonga Cook Islands

The Rarotonga Cook Islands

2018 Rarotonga (with photos): 20 Top Accommodations in Rarotonga - Apartments, Holiday Homes I am located near the international airports, the city centre and the park and have a great view of the gardens and the sea in the far. Several of the best sands on the island are not far away. It' open and very personal. It' located on the first floor of our two-storey building.

It has a tidy, stylish bath with a spray. There' s the weird chickens and cocks passing by our place. So much better than the pictures look. He and his wife and daughter really go out of their way to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

It' a fantastic place. Collect all sorts of home-made products, grill by the swimming pools, eat under the starry sky, awake to a hot, refreshing morning with the sound of the windsurf break on the 200m distant cliff - enjoy it here, in our lovely, pristine and astonishingly accessible paradise - Ariana Garden Bungalows. Those hot houses one and two.

Calender in this list is for house 1 only. When you have typed in your check-in & check-out information in the right side of this page and it has been reported as "Unavailable", this means that HOUSE 1 is NOT available for this information. HOME 2 POSSIBILITIES FOR THIS DATA - please have a look at our other list.

Formerly described by our visitors as quiet, intimate, quiet, quaint and earthy-green. We are located near the 24-hour food shop "The Super Brown Store", only 2 - 3 minutes on foot from Ariana. We are 3. 2km from the capital Avarua, 6km from the famous "Muri Beach Lagoon" - only 1 of the many beachs.

We offer our visitors a true glimpse of "What it's like to be in Rarotonga". It is a great place to remain if you want to enjoy your private sphere, room and kind help. It' s a wonderful complex and the swimming pools are outstanding. A 2-minute stroll from a 24-hour grocery store. For the price-conscious traveller.

The city centre of the city of Vancouver can be reached on foot in 45 minutes if there is no transport available. The island know-how that Kylie and Marshall, the owners, share is inestimable. The bungalows were great. The nice complex, the nice Swimmingpool and the tasty, refreshing fruits in the garden we liked.

It' so near the village and a lot of great places to eat. At the Ariana Gartenbungalows we really loved our time. We had a spacious and tidy cottage. I am near the restaurant, local transportation and the centre of the village. Located in a very large backyard and in the heart of the cityscape, our place is perfect for those who love a large room and the closeness to all amenities.

It' nice to go into the city or go running or cycling. Fletcher's place was just right, everything was within easy reach on foot! All we needed was& the venue was great for the Saturday markets & for the "Cross Island Trek". It' just a stroll from downtown and Saturday Markets.

I' had a great time in Avarua! They were fantastic and the situation was great. Nice hut with own cuisine and bath in the nice backyard. Near everything: stores, markets, restaurants, beaches. Also very useful for island skills. The bungalows have a nice views of the gardens from the terrace. It has its own bath room with en-suite facilities.

It is probably the best kept mystery regarding the situation on the island. Vaimaanga area is very tranquil and has some of the clearest, least inhabited whitest sandy beach on Rarotonga with great snorkelling, windsurfing and kitesurfing spots. Across Island and Wigmores Falls are 20 minutes away on foot or 5 minutes by car.

Kristina's apartment was totally flawless. It is well situated, opposite the street to the sea, 20 minutes by bike to Muri, but only a few minutes from the best snorkeling area of the island. Only a few places can be reached by 5-10 minutes by automobile (30 minutes on foot is Charlie's Cafe). Mark (inspirations from all over the world) made the building itself thoughtful, perfectly neat, well decorated and equipped with everything necessary.

If you are an expert surfer, the Avaavaroa Passages is right in front of the hotel! The stay in the Nirvana Chalet was the cream of the cake on a nice excursion to Rarotonga. The Nirvana Cottage was the ideal hiding place for us! Your chalet was tidy and had all the comforts we needed. The tranquil environment made it the ideal place to unwind!

Soak up the beautiful scenery of our island in the shade of the mountain, but just a few mins from the sea. Walk, cycle or drive around the island, walk the mountain, walk the valley, swimming and snorkeling, diving or paddling in the blue water of our Laguna or just do nothing and just relax and savour Little Paradise.

This small cottage is situated on our large plot, off the beaten track with the beautiful hills in the background. Of course, the estate is very secure, quite peaceful, apart from pet noises and simply ideal for a restful vacation. It is very secure and is situated in a very secure area on the eastern side of the island.

They can see nice sun rises directly from your doorstep. As there is nothing really far on the island, you can easily get to the next nice snorkel place or the night fair in Muri, or the next one. It looks great, is neat and has everything you need.

Airbnb is not located directly on the shore, but if you want to go for a few min, it is definitely a worthwhile investment! After we found the place with relatively lightness, we had a good early start we had. Don't hesistate to make your booking here, it is PERFECT. We' only had one in Odette and Joe's place, but we really did enjoy our stay there.

Many of them had good locational skills, which made our brief visit pleasant. This beautiful island house has a beautiful interior and is situated on our own privately owned sandy area. You can also just read a beautiful novel on the shore. We will do our best to make your trip memorable and to make it a great place for honeymoons and honeymoon.

Stores & Rentals are nearby. You can find a restaurant in Muri or visit the Muri Night Market with delicious home-cooked cuisine. YUM! Our house is 5 min drive from the Muri area. The 10-minute stroll to the tropical garden is a must! Terrific host with so much information about the island.

Awake to the sea that winds under the enchanting privacy of the living room. It' s a beautiful shore, snorkelling great, we had no need to go anywhere else. The views from the room (absolute promenade ) is unbeatable and the small flat had everything we needed. Her home is at the best place on the island, and the waters are great for a swim.

Situated in a privileged position, just between one of Fruits of Rarotonga's best snorkelling spots and Charlie's Cafe, which offers tasty dining and real life tounge. It is very peaceful and isolated with a large terrace to be enjoyed. Just downstairs the place in the galley was quite small and narrow and it was not as neat as I would have expected for this one.

They are really sweet, kind and neat. and we didn't know the bungalows were in her house. You can reach the shore by street and means of transportation at the entrance. It is located on the island's major avenue. The best event of all times....... great position, great place and the friendliness .

It' a great place to be. Practical entrance to the beaches and canteens. Beautifully warm and neat shower rooms. Neat and neat and Lydia (and everyone else) was very kind and supportive. It is also very well situated, very near Avarua and the sea. It' the astonishing place to be.

This room is neat and tidy. Also the situation is good. The city centre and the shore are near the hotel. And there are a number of places to eat near the building. It'?s the best place to be. Your home is about a minutes walking or less from the shore, and even the stores are within walking distances.

You can even crawl to your own little privately owned beaches behind the environmentalists! Beautiful hostelry and a beautiful island. Philip's home and his friendship were incredible! It is beautifully located on the sunny side of the island - just a few minutes walk from the sea. We had Philip at our disposal to give us hints about the island and, because he is living nearby, he gave us a sense of additional self-assured.

We' d like to be back. Killerblick from the shore, the noise of the waves and only 3 minutes walk to the right for a beautiful bathing and snorkelling area! There are two large open and breezy deck areas, ideal for relaxation, eating and watching the stars.

Simply go down the path to the Hauptstraße and mark it. After a 5 days stop in Aitutaki I came. He gave me great inside information about what's on the island. As described, the complex is located directly on the shore. Snorkelling is possible directly on the shore.

Also, we had some very interesting conversations with Philip (website of Airbnb hidden) The home was as described and very upright. It'?s right on the shore! Further location information Rarotonga is a round island with a blue laguna and a beautiful sands. It' a peaceful and secure place, like the whole island.

We' re on the shore, just a minute's stroll to a wonderful golden sand and a stunning sundown. Sports enthusiasts can explore the island by bicycle (38 km). In the Punanga Nui Market every Saturday mornings you can see whales and shop for art and crafts and wonderful beads.

In the Edgewater Hotel Resort, right next to our hotel, a twice-weekly Polynesian dinner-festival. The Rarotonga is a round island with a beautiful sandy area. It' a peaceful and secure place, like the whole island.

We' re on the shore, just a minute's stroll to a wonderful golden sand and a stunning sundown. Sports enthusiasts can explore the island by bicycle (38 km). In the Punanga Nui Market every Saturday mornings you can see whales and shop for art and crafts and wonderful beads.

In the Edgewater Hotel Resort, right next to our hotel, a twice-weekly Polynesian dinner-festival. It is less than 10 min by car and the capital Avarua is only a few min. away. Situated on the western side of the island, this flat led to a dramatic setting of the sun.

I' ve come to Rarotonga to participate in the Round Rarotonga Road Race. And I had dinner there on my last evening in Rarotonga. It' s the perfect place to explore the nearest resort - same views and easy acces to the beaches for a small part of the cost! After picking me up from the airfield, they took me back to the flight and did everything to make my visit comfortable.

And I' m sharing the powdered meal from her home with three other people. It was divided into two separate apartments, one for me and one for the other people. All of us had our own en-suite rooms. I had the lounges and a veranda to the side of the building.

It is only a stone's throw from the sea and invites you to swim, hike and relax. I had a great time on the western side of Rarotonga. Two minutes long stroll along the pathway will take you to the shore. Seven nights or more. We' re at the southern end of Muri Bay.

Thank you to Gwen for our great visit to Rarotonga. Awesome position! It is ideal for access to the sea or a short walking tour of the city for supper or afternoons. There was everything we needed to make our breakfasts and dinners and a small grocer' s shop was just a few walking steps away in case we needed anything.

Astonishing place near the wonderful Muri Lagoon, stores, rentals and cafe. We' re 1 minute on foot to the shore - wow. The island, the local population, the natural environment and all the animals! With a view of your own swimming pools, with a view of the lovely mountain scenery. It is an haven only a few steps from the city, sand, airports and many other tourist sites!

The Inave Oasis has a separate entry, street entry and park. Soak up the view from your own Pawpaw plantation pool, stunning orange and mango tree outdoors. The Inave Oasis is just a few minutes walk from the town shop, Island Car and Bike Hire Rentals, restaurants, dive stores, launderette, walks to Raemaru, and we are about 600mtrs from the lovely sun.

Bicycles are a great addition to explore the island. Once we get back to Rarotonga, we'll definitely spend the day at Inave Oasis. I had a marvellous time in the Inave Oasis! There was everything we needed, incl. nice fruits and a travel pack with breakfasts and snack to bind us after our arrive in the midnight.

The house is extremely neat and equipped with everything you need for self-catering. The area is only a brief stroll away from the highway, making it attractive and home. It' so relaxed and pretty. It was the best time of our life in Inave and we didn't want to go! We' ve actually chosen to be away from masses in our own little personal haven!

Remain in the Inave Oasis. It' perfectly! This is the place to be if you are looking for comfortable and relaxed accommodation, just a few moments from the beaches, dining, activities or tourist attraction! Just 3 min walking distance from the sea, opposite the street, the Rarotonga studios are open to most things in Rarotonga and near an cybercafé, souvenir shop, restaurant, a range of stores and bicycle and car-rentals.

It' also 5 min from some of the best things to do and the coach stop is right outside the door! It' s central to most things in Rarotonga and provides a multitude of outdoor pursuits and touristic rides, as well as dining and cafe. In fact, everything in Muri Beach is practical.

It' in a great position. Near the beaches, stores and rentals. Dubrovnik is definitely the best place on the island. This device was neat and has everything you need. This is a good place if you are planning to stay in muri Beach. It' very near everything and no trouble.

From there we used to love walking across the street to the coffee shops and just a little further to the beaches. Situated in a great position, with the Laguna & great coffee shops close by and the nightspot is excellent. It' rather privat and off the beaten track.

There' s an additional outside bath, so near to all the stores along the street, city not far away. We have never been bothered by the owner and if necessary they are always there. and this place is a jewel. It has so much personality and a true island feeling.

Nice privately owned backyards were an additional benefit. Thanks a lot for the nice visit and the meet at the airfield. It was a great place to live, the place is wonderful and the outside area was even better. Located directly on Muri Beach, a paradise for aquatic enthusiasts, ideal for bathing, yachting, windsurfing as well as Canoing.

Completely furnished with everything you need for a restful vacation and especially with the breath-taking view of the Muri Lagoon. The beach right on your front door. The Reihana on Muri provides the best of everything Rarotonga has to choose from and is key to the best places to eat, do and do on the island.

Located directly on Muri Beaches, a paradise for aquatic enthusiasts, ideal for bathing, yachting, windsurfing as well as canoing. Communal areas with open spaces, food, living room and open fireplace with a view over the sea, the bay and the sea. Bedclothes, bath linens and bath linens are provided for your use. There is a brief downhill run to the sea to the left leading to Koka Lake Tours and Captain Tama's Aqua Sport, where you can rent a kayak, windsurf, snorkel gear or organise a tour of the lake.

Emm's Island Beaches Bungalows (website by Airbnb ) had everything we needed in the best spot on Muri Beachs! This was very personal, but near stores, restaurants and outdoor life! Situated on the sea front, the view from the boat decks is breathtaking and the sea is just a few steps away! I had a lovely time in this sweet little cottage.

Ideally located in the centre of Muri and really everything the images say. I' d definitely be back! It was a great place, lovely and near the Muri nightspots and villas! It was all clear and everything you need is in the building. Wonderful place, Raro is heaven on this planet!

uri is a great place, calm, but many stores and small restaurants in the area. This is our first journey to this small but funny island. In all honesty, we thought this is the best place to spend the night on the island. The Reihana has everything you need and is located in a great position - easy acces to the beaches, on foot to the area.

It is a very particular place - very remote, peaceful, excellent view, albeit near everything you need. It is located near the luxuriant hills and the side streets of Arorangi. Unwind in your own swimming pools during the afternoon and in the evenings listen to the comforting noise of the bursting outwaves.

Near businesses, restaurant- only 8 minutes walking distance from the beaches or buses. It is only 8 minutes walking distance from the retreat, ideal for watching the sundown. We have a fistful of local eateries 7 minutes ride to most of them, we have a few nearby villages open every day from 6am to 9pm and is about 10 minutes on foot to the next shop.

It' a really nice place. Contemporary, neat and well-equipped - and the swimming pools were unbelievable. Nice familly, nice place, nice island and nice adventure all around. Situated on the inner street, the building is still a jewel and the natives are very nice! That place was just great for me. Raro's best café is only a 10-15 minute stroll from the hotel.

I think we really enjoy our time with Fiona. It had everything we needed and it was really neat. From Tupapa we are on the back road, about 6 min by car/motorbike and about 20 min on foot from the city-center. The room was really neat and new. Enjoy your time in the horticultural workshop.

Attractive complex with a wonderful panoramic views. Real friendly folks around who were always there to help us when we needed them. We' re hoping one of these days to go back and spend more time here. Outstanding overnight accommodation, especially if you have your own transport. It' very personal and neat. Secluded, but near everything.

This is a great place to spend the night. It is a contemporary, roomy house, ideal for a four-person home that really wants to unwind, enjoy the sunshine and discover the island. Panoramic view, ten minutes on foot to the sea. Five minutes on foot from Avarua Town, the capital of Rarotonga, you can visit the market, supermarket and shop, eat in a café or pub and enjoy the lucky hours at one of the waterside bars/clubs.

will be the most beautiful host you will find on the island. On the first of the days they arrive on the sun-kissed islands. It' only a 5-minute stroll away. Self-contained, neat, pretty little home near the city. It' s near the city, near the beginning of the hike across the island and near the market.

It is very roomy and has everything you need. In Rarotonga we really left with an memorable event and we will cherish all the memory we have with them. It was perfectly located - the creamery was at the end of the journey and it was only a few walking steps to the city' s stores and the mall.

Breathtaking shores were only a few driving mins away, as it only took 40 min to circumnavigate the whole island. In Vaimaanga Casa del So, leaving the side street, has remained faithful to its name - Home in the Sky. Situated 400m from some of the best snorkelling and beach areas in Rarotonga, the estate offers wonderful mountain vistas.

SLEEPING ROOM The first room has a king sized double berth with ensuite bath. SITUATION 400m on foot to the probably best beach at the southwest side of Rarotonga. It was a great experience for me and I was with a group of my best friend, because the open schedule made it easier for us to share when we wanted to, and the rooms gave us a little bit of space when we wanted to!

They thought of everything - everything was just great. When you want to experience the wonderful Raro in the ideal home, Casa Del Sol is the right place for you. We had the best vacation. We had great accommodation, the organizers Timutu and Ethel were great and always helping us whenever we needed them.

Generally good experiences and good accommodation possibilities. It is situated on an old fruit garden, which makes it intimate, calm and very serene. It was a marvellous island welcome. Her home was calm and fashionable, just what we needed and so near the city. We' re near the city in the shadow of the Rarotongan Hills.

This area is secure and very good for walking or cycling right at the beginning of the trail (across the Nadel / a beautiful hill with a view). Don't miss the large island fair (Punanganui market) (from 8.00 - 12.30) with fruit, veggies, meals, local handicrafts, gems and traditional dancing only 500mt. away.

Ingrid's rooms were very comfortable, and very near the city, with all conveniences as described. It is a beautiful place to begin our Rarotonga-vacation! It' great value for a nice place near the city. The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa and Lagoon Breeze Villas, Restaurant, Bar, Superette and Dive Center are within easy walking-drive.

It is 250 meters from the best snorkeling spot on the island. I had a great time. Situated in a breathtaking setting with a wonderful tranquil sandy beaches just a quick stroll away. From the room you have a nice look at the luxuriant flora and the palms. Roomy place and comfortable residence.

Lovely room in a calm area within walk to a lovely bathing area. Magnificent position and the device has everything you need. It was a neat and well-equipped place. Snorkelling in our beat-location (only 100m). Situated in the village of Arorangi on the west or sundown side of the island.

It is the principal area of Rarotonga. It' s an outstanding swimmingpool which is very good for a good day and keeps it nice and cosy. The room had everything we needed for our 2-week-journey. Former diver Greg and his mate made our visit very pleasant and relaxed. It' a great place for a longer sojourn for all kinds of people.

Though there were people in the building, he put a matress in his own home for us so we wouldn't be on the streets. Located near the city and the international airports, it is ideal for travellers and the place is neat and orderly. You' ve got to be here during your Rarotonga trip!

Beautiful accommodation, with very authentic owners. I' m near the shore. You' re going to like my place because of the position, the view, the people and the outdoor area. Beautifull unit is situated near our house, good entrance to the sea, and within walk to the Mimi supermarket and two restaurant.

YOU' RE NOT LEAVING. It' neat, calm and near the sea. When you get away from a place that is intimate or a place to unwind from everything, that's it. The village is very near the nice beaches, the coach stop and the store. New bed sheets and bathroom and beach linens.

The Wigmore Superstore is a 5 minute stroll away. It is about 2 minutes from the street. It was near the sea and a grocery market. I had a great time. Undoubtedly, superb situation, very neat, all kinds of conveniences needed. It is right on the front door, while it is ideal for hiking and exploration and not sufficiently shallow for a swim.

The Muri Laguna, three kilometres away, is ideal for swim and all kinds of aquatic sport. You will find many cafés and restuarants in the area of Muri Beach. It was a very enjoyable visit and we especially liked the outside cuisine! It was a great pleasure to be able to sleep so near the Southern Ocean.

Lovely studios, good position, good house. And, in essence, you have a secluded sandy spot just a stone's throw away from the shelter. It is sandy, but you can paddle in the sea, because the sea has a rock-like nature - that makes it interesting and fun. You' re on the rising side of the island, so the sun is rising.

However, sundowns are just as nice. The best way to hire a street sweeper is by renting a new one. Gorgeous sojourn. Situated in a spectacular position, one minute from the Mooring Fish Cafe and about 3 min from Muri. There was no air conditioning, but we didn't really need it, despite the pleasant temperature on the island. It was very simple to handle and we had a great part of our trip to Rarotonga.

Beautiful place with a relaxing ambience and in principle a few metres away from a privatebeach! Situated on the island in the west bend, our course is constructed according to a typical island lifestyle. I and my husbands have made these cabins ourselves to use them primarily as artists' residences, if they are not used for this reason, we are sometimes Airbnb Te Arerenga for people who may not want to remain in a touristic place.

It is full of Artists-in-Residence artwork. The Te Arerenga is situated on the western side of Rarotonga, on the coast and on the highroad. That means it's ideal for a sunset and the buses in front of the building. We had a great time meeting your mother June, who showed us everything we needed to know about our trip and gave us great suggestions for places where we could also try delicious meals and culture out.

The Gospel Day festivities were fantastic and the Muri overnight fairs and the Avarua Saturday mornings' Saturday nights were great. It was the ideal place for us because we didn't want to spend the nights in any chic hotel. These huts are really nice, as is the backyard.

There' s a nearby chapel - when we went to Easter, we were spoiled with a few nice choral beat. There is a great place to go for a stroll near the hostel, not so good for a swim and a good place for a soft start to snorkelling. All in all we would definitely be staying again.

A few tips about Rarotonga in general: This is a great place to live! The Arerenga is a great place to chill out and chill out - the rooms are roomy, neat and orderly and the cuisine has everything you need to make simple snack /meal. It' a very quiet, romantically place - ideal to appreciate the slow tempo of living on Rarotonga.

There is a gateway to the palm-fringed sandy area and a few steps from the end of the gardens. The island - and Arerenga, who was big enough to be there to spend our weeks with us - are already missing. It is close to a great (but expensive) Waterline restaurants and just a few minutes on foot from the sea.

The hostess (who was not on the island) we did not see, but her mom was very kind and willing to help us settle in and out. It' s a great place, with some stores and diners nearby, but away from Muri's stores. It is a quiet and maybe not as beautiful as Muri, but still a bit of paradise on the doorstep.

Peaceful situation with views of the mountains, near Aroa and the Rarotongan Resort & Spa. It is perfectly situated on the best beaches of the island. Near transport and a few restuarants. Aroa Unit is located in a calm street directly behind the shore of Aroa. Near the Rarotongan Hotel on Rarotongan Island with buses, stores and beaches.

It'?s a small piece. He welcomed us at the aiport with a french restaurant and took us on a short trip around the island and gave us hints where to go and how to make the best of the island. Beautiful position near a beautiful sandy spot (many snorkeling there).

It was a personal and relaxing place. This place was near one of the best in the island. Collect all sorts of home-made products, grill by the swimming pools, eat under the starry sky, awake to a hot, refreshing morning with the sound of the windsurf break on the 200m distant cliff - enjoy it here, in our lovely, pristine and astonishingly accessible paradise - Ariana Garden Bungalows.

Those hot houses one and two. When you have typed in your check-in & check-out information in the right side of this page and it has been reported as "Unavailable", this means that HOUSE 2 is NOT available for this information. HOME 1 POSSIBILITIES FOR THIS DATA - please see our other list.

Formerly described by our visitors as quiet, intimate, quiet, quaint and earthy-green. We are located near the 24-hour food shop "The Super Brown Store", only 2 - 3 minutes on foot from Ariana. We are 3. 2km from the capital Avarua, 6km from the famous "Muri Beach Lagoon" - only 1 of the many beachs.

We offer our visitors a true glimpse of "What it's like to be in Rarotonga". It was all neat and neat, the cottages are simply but very well-appointed. Since I had to postpone my visit for two working nights because my plane was canceled, this was possible free of surcharge.

Used to love the place. Arianna Bungalows was a great place to live! Nice environment. Renga Studio is situated on the west side of Rarotonga - directly on the sea front. There is a magnificent view of the ever-changing Laguna and wonderful sundowns. There are several restuarants in the immediate vicinity of the sea.

You' ll fell in great romance with Are Renga because of its position, the atmosphere and the outside and inside areas, which are great places to spend some time relaxing and immersing yourself in the "island time". Situated on the west side of the island, we get to see the wonderful sundowns. Cath & Kev were great entertainers, the place was great and had everything we needed.

It was just right, directly on the shore with a view of the sea and the sundown. So we went out into the back of the sandy area and sat and reading a textbook under the palms and walked up the shore to a bathing place in the near.

The device is directly on the shore, so the view is great! The situation is great, directly on the shore with a wonderful view of the sundowns. All the contemplative touch we had, from cloths on the beaches and DVD's for wet evenings to a very well-equipped cuisine. It' a lovely place to linger. This small hut right on the shore near the hotel is ideal for relaxation, having a good morning meal and watching the sundown.

Located 200 meters from the best snorkeling spot near the Rarotongan Resort & Lagoon Breeze Lodge with restaurants and bars in the area. This place is very neat and neat and had everything we needed. Thanks Lynette, you were so kind and made us think you were home. Your little place is so convenient. everything you need will definitely be back.

You' re in the best position! The best snorkeling beaches, magnificent sundowns, magnificent panoramic mountains are on your door. Everything we needed (beach scarves and snorkeling gear were much appreciated) to make our visit pleasant. I had a marvellous time at the Paradise Escape. Great place to spend the night and only a few minutes walk from the shore.

Beautiful position, only a few minuts to the best snorkeling in Rarotonga. So I rented a bicycle with big tires, circled the island and found it useful to just get around. Thanks, Grant and Lynette, for being our first host. It is a brief stroll along the street and the Rarotonga Spa is also within easy reach on foot.

Thanks, Lynette and Grant for a great time. Beautiful home in a peaceful part of the island, but everything was still nearby. Lay-out and location of the home is astonishing with large, open layouts and breathtaking outlooks. It was immaculate and very well-appointed. The place is neat and furnished with state-of-the-art amenities and many refreshing handcloths.

Near the grocery store and restaurant, and everything else is also very nearby, as the island is so small. There were many supporters in the building. This has made our Rarotonga vacation a real hit and we look forward to coming back soon. We' had a great time in Mata Manea!

It' a lovely place! It was only a 5 minutes walking distance to the sea, which we liked very much! Many thanks to Tania and Bianca for the great time!

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