French Guinea

Franco Guinea

Guinea is located on the west coast of Africa. This breeder has French Guinea Keets only in the color Pearl Guinea. In English, there are four countries that have the word'Guinea' in their name: Are you looking for other French people in Guinea? There is a promising potential for the production of guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) in the USA as an alternative poultry.

Guinea: the land that dares to say "no" to France.

Ladies and gentlemen, last weeks second round of the Guinean election made no more than good news about Guinea. Well..... Guinea is a West African nation whose capitol is Conakry..... it is a land full of mineral riches such as BAXXITE, GA, diamonds, MGM, etc... In 1958, Sekou Toure was the first to say "no" to France.

Guinea became the only French-African country to say'No' to General de Gaulle and France. France never forgiven Guinea by shredding documents when it left the country, pulling out of the country suddenly, disrupting infrastructure and severing relations politically and economically. I' m not saying much, but the tape below says it all.... Sekou Toure and the Guinean tribe have ventured to say'No', and for that we, from French Africa, are forever grateful!

Nowhere is it mentioned that Guinea was the only country in Francophone Africa that said no to France; and that is why they were persecuted!

Franco-Guinea | Postage and postage histories

The French-Guinea is situated in West Africa - today's Guinea. During the mid nineteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Guinea became the home of a number of Niger-Congo tribes, the most important being the Fulbe, the Mandinka and the Soussou. Guinea has had relationships with a number of distributors in Europe since the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

In the following years, the French extended their domination to the inland. In doing so, the French encounter above all the resistance of two empires. In 1896 Fouta Djalon was captured by the French. In the 1880s and 1890s, the second empire was Wassoulou, a empire that quickly spreads across French-Guinea, French-Sudan - now Mali - and the Ivory Coast.

In 1898 Wassoulou was captured by the French. Thus, although most of French Guinea is under French domination, it will remain under French domination until the beginning of the twentieth cent. Franco-Guinea's boundaries with the UK Sierra Leone, Portuguese Guinea and Liberia were defined in 1882, 1886 and 1892 respectively.

French-Guinea's boundaries within French West Africa were largely defined in 1899, when French Sudan was divided and several French Sudan states became part of French-Guinea. The French-Guinea became a French oversee region after the reorganisation of the French colonies in 1946.

1958 French Guinea achieves French Guinea sovereignty as a Guinea state. From 1881, the first postage used in French Guinea was the general issue for the French nationalities. Between 1887 and 1892 the postage of Senegal was used. Until 1892, the postal services, as established in the coast area, were operated from Senegal.

After French Guinea was founded as its own settlement, postage-stamps are published from 1892. The part of French Guinea that was moved from French Sudan in 1899 had a postal service in Siguiri where the postage stamp of French Sudan was used. In 1906 the postage stamp was published with the words "Guinée" with the suffix "Afrique Occidentale Française" or "AOF" to show that French Guinea was part of the French West African Union.

French-Guinea postage stamp was replaced in 1944 by that of French West Africa and in 1959 by that of Guinea.

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