Savusavu Vanua Levu

The Savusavu Vanua Levu

An excellent day trip on Vanua Levu! Savusavu is a beautiful port city surrounded by emerald green hills and is the centre of Vanua Levu. You will find top luxury destinations in Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji - rated and evaluated by travel experts like you. Some other articles discussing Savusavu: The Savusavu Bay, Valanga and Savarekareka Bay; Savusavu Bay, Nakama Creek.

Awesome day out on Vanua Levu! - Ski School, Rafas Adventure Tours, Savusavu Traveller Ratings

It was a really pleasant outing with our hosts Elayne and Rafa on the Nagigi Islands, near Savusavu! Then after a stroll around the islands we enjoyed a breathtaking dinner, during which the seafood was stewed in a Fiji stove! It was Rafa, the quiet, fun type that Elaine and I would not hesitate to agree to be on a deserted isle, he catched a trevellian in 5 minutes:) it was raining at about 230, but even then we went around the isle and were swimming because the waters must have been at least 28C.

Can' t wait to get back to Savusavu Savusavu and see Elaine again. Like others said, we had a great time on a privately owned beach, went snorkeling, wandered around the islands and wandered into the interior, took some great photos and a great dinner with delicious barbecued seafood, salad and fruit.

Book a Rafas Adventure Excursion when our cruiser was in Savusavu. It was a great time on a privately owned beach with great snorkelling.

Taveuni to Savusavu (Vanua Levu) via boat - Taveuni Island Forum

From Taveuni daily at 9am except Tuesday and Saturday, the price is F$25.00 (I was billed F$20) per passenger including coach from Bucaay to Savusavu. It' an hours drive by ferry across the cove and then a 2 hours drive by coach to Savusavu, which is very, very jumble.

It was actually quite funny because the coach would stop at different places in the midst of nowhere and they would be selling their cakes. Departure ends in the centre of the city. It will stop at the Savusavu dock.

Dive Savusavu in Fiji's Vanua Levu and Namena Marine Reserve

While Savusavu is one of the best in Fiji, Vanua Levu - Fiji's second biggest isle - has two of the best kept mysteries when it comes to it. This is the Great Sea Reef and the Namena Marine Park and we suspect you haven't even known it.

Great Sea reef is the third longest barriere coral cliff in the whole wide open sea and is 200 km arched from the top of Vanua Levu to the top of the Yasawa Islands. Following the decline in the number of species due to industrial fisheries, a number of marine protected areas have been established and the population is recovering.

Scuba diving at the end of the Great Sea Reef from a northern Vanua Levu area. And the other mystery is the name Marine Reserve. Imagine Fiji's Sipadan, an isle encircled by a cliff 20 km southwards of Vanua Levu in the lower Koro Sea.

It is an insulated archipelago almost in the center of a line between Rainbow Reef and Vatu-I-Ra. There is no spa on the islands since TC Winston, but Namena MPA is reachable from the Savusavu dives. Another great naval gem of Vanua Levu is the Rainbow Reef, although it is often associated with Taveuni (from where it is very logistical accessible).

Vanua Levu's hotels are quite extensive and are easily accessible from the top right of the menu. When you want to go diving at the Great Sea Reef, your possibilities are limit. Nukubati Iceland is a luxurious seaside retreat on a privately owned isle. Another alternative is Capt. Cook Cruises Fiji's'4 Cultures Discovery Cruise' on board the MV Reef Endeavour - a tour of Vanua Levu.

You will be given one or two logged sessions at the Great Sea Reef and many other dive sites around Vanua Levi (Rainbow Reef and Namena Marine Reserve). Out of Savusavu there are many great dive sites - just look at the Savusavu Bommie page below - and the four resort areas in this area also make full days excursions to the Namena Marine Reserve and Rainbow Reef area.

There are four resorts: The famous Jean Michel Cousteau Diving Center; the Koro Sun Estate, which houses Namena Divers; Namale Estate & Spa, which has its own diving base; and the Savasi Island Estate, which houses KoroSun Dove. After all, there are two humble hotels in the southeast of Vanua Levu, very close to Rainbow Reef, although both are the easiest to reach from Taveuni.

Cradle to grave in a secluded bay, Sau Bay Fiji Retreat provides wedding, honeymoon, gentle adventures - and local recreational and recreational skin-dipping. Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat is more modest, but apparently they have Rainbow Reef on their front door and are offering two always.

For more information about the Great Sea Reef and the effort to conserve it, please visit this WWF page. Name Marine Reserve has its own website. The Savusavu International is easily accessible for all Savusavu region destinations. For both Rainbow Reef retreats on Vanua Levi, take a flight to Taveuni's Matei International on the north tip of the islands and take the highway to the quay where the resorto yachts will hit you.

Fiji Airways and Northern Air have services to Labasa, Savusavu and Taveuni.

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