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South Pacific countries are Samoa and New Zealand and Hawaii is a state of the USA. LOOVE can be aloha (Hawaiian), alofa (Samoan) or aroha (M?ori). Hawaii's Samoan migrant population is ideal in many ways. SIEDLER UND AUFENTHALTER von max mai mak stanton von stanton von stanton samoan saints les samoans dans le village mormon de laie hawaii.

The Samoans are particularly vulnerable and have a high prevalence of obesity and hypertension after coming to Hawaii.

Samuan Blog: Hawaiians emigrated from Samoa

Have you noticed in the Hawaiian fellowship how the discussion about where the Hawaiians come from is still developing? When you really are reading between the lines, most" would-be Hawaiians" don't even want the Hawaiians to come from Samoa. They are now encouraging the Hawaiians to come from Tahiti and some say they come from Marquesas and even New Zealand.

Nothing against our New Zealand, Tahiti or Marquesas co-ins, but this stupidity of the Hawaiians goes too far and too long. Hawaiians who don't like Samoans support this idea above all. Because the young "part" Hawaiians have not had a good rapport with the Samoans in Hawaii for some time now, they are silently running a campaigne with the motto "We want to come from everywhere but Samoa".

When you actually interviews the true Hawaiians who know their genetic makeup (50% to whole blood Hawaiians), they will consent to their Samoa migrant. When one studies the Hwaiian and Samoan languages (1800-1950), they are essentially the same one. A number of Samoa and Hawaii' s ancient tales and tales are the same.

Asking older Hawaiians from their past (1900-1965), they will tell you that when the Samoans came to Hawaii in the 1890s to 1940s, they were speaking the same tongue with full-blooded Hawaiians at the age. The permanent learning aspects that individuals maintain are their own languages for every type of migrant. potteries, artefacts can be reasoned, but the speech is kept near the pristine island/land from which the humans emigrated.

Hawaii's contemporary development is now due to the strong emigration of the Polynesians, from Hawaii to Tahiti, the Fr. One of Hawaii University's professors of languages trusted me that Hawaiians emigrated from Samoa, but it is not a common faith to move forward on the basis of my own and my own people.

In other words, it is not political right to encourage within the hawaiian fellowship that the Hawaitians emigrated from Samoa. At the moment it's like saying to someone that the planet is not shallow (at the time humans thought the planet was flat). But, for now, let's just stay with us so the whole wide globe is round, so we don't have to fight with our Hawaiian co-inves.

I want to come from everywhere but Samoa. Nothing private, just the facts.

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