Waiheke Island Weekend Package

Weekend Package Waiheke Island

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Do we need to reserve the auto shuttle before leaving AUS - Waiheke Island Message Board?

On Friday we want to go over by boat and on Sunday we want to go back to the northern bank for the evening before we fly home the next ore. It will be done in early November after a 2-week trip around the island. I' ve been reading where this is a favourite place for Auckland people, so I wonder if I really have to make this reservation well in advance of this season.

The request will depend on whether the weekend you want to attend is the working weekend in New Zealand - 24 to 27 October - will be additional departures and also the willingness. You can always reserve (have Sandy Bay Cottage ) to get the best rates. However, even a slow (cheaper) boat is dependable. Open returns starting at $90.

Holidays - Labour Day is Monday 27 October. As it is a long weekend, folks are spending the whole weekend somewhere on the shore - transport starts at noon on Friday to go to the shore and back to work and school on Monday afternoon/evening.

Coming from Orewa Nord the flow of communication is in the opposite directions, as we find it on the way back from Waiheke - a clear northern street.

Waiheke Island, Auckland Central Traveller Review

We' been to Waiheke Island for a really big anniversary weekend. There is a breathtaking view from the top of the boat. Easily accessible by road shuttle, just one hours from Auckland. We' ve been enjoying the whole Waiheke area. A trip by boat, by coach around the island and our evening meal near the shore, where we can watch two persons riding.

To Waiheke for a short trip. It' been good, it' s been quite simple, coming back and forth on the boat. He' s got a good view. I was really happy, but not as great as everyone seems to describe, I had much higher hopes from what I had heared.

It was a great opportunity to visit the wine cellars and admire stunning vistas. View of the open ocean, gentle hill and valley, old European or modern, the island offered them all. I had tasty yoghurts and then went for a nice stroll back to the boat, where I enjoyed the time. Have you been to Waiheke Island?

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