Hawaii became a state

And Hawaii became a state.

Eisenhower signed the proclamation welcoming Hawai?i as the fiftieth state. Hispanic statehood - How Hawaii became part of the United States

Traveling around the Hawaii islands or just enjoy the landscape of the Oahu Vacation Rental Oahu I often appreciate the fact that although I am in a paradisiacal tropic area, I am still in the United States. That made me think about how Hawaii became a state and how happy we all are that Hawaii became part of the United States.

Hawaii's statehood movements began to flourish after the end of the Second World War in 1945. It was a period in which Hawaii's economy, society and politics were ruled by republican (Caucasian) business interests run by large supermarket s and retail companies such as the mighty Big Five: It was intended to establish a state charter to be submitted to the United States Congress, and in October 1950 a bill was drafted and adopted by the Hwaiian legislature.

In 1954, supporters of state identity collected around 150,000 petitions. Hawaii's representatives to Congress at the conference were pressing for statesmanship. In 1958, Alaska became a state, which contributed to removing great burdensome policy barriers to the state. The US Senate adopted a bill on March 11, 1959, which was followed by the US House of Representatives on March 12.

U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower passed the bill on March 18, 1959. This required a referendum of the Hawaiians, and this took place on 27 June 1959. Hawaiians 17 to 1 in favour of the adoption of the referendum, and only Niihau was against it.

On August 21, 1959, President Eisenhower undersigned the Statehood Proclamation, which signified that Hawaii was accredited to be the United States' fiftieth country. During this period the island populations were more than 600,000 and the number of tourists was more than 240,000. A fiftieth Michelin was added to the US standard on July 4, 1960, and then the Hawaiian government officialized it.

Fifty years have passed and we enjoy the advantages of Hawaii' statehood in this magnificent island in the midst of the Pacific's huge bluewater. You will be able to see each of the fine Hawaii islands and be sure that we are provided with all the safeguards of the United States Constitution.

I' m lying in my wonderful Oahu Condo right now and I' m feeling like in a secluded paradise without caring in the whole wide oceans because I' m sure I' m in the United States.

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