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Guam Expedia offers flights to Guam for every traveller. Get lost in the Pacific with our Guam travel guide. It is a unique destination with pristine beaches, warm and hospitable people and a rich culture and history. It is one of the most interesting parts of the Pacific North. The Guam Visitors Bureau has some nice news to report.

António B. Won Pat International Airport

An Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport (IATA: GUM, ICAO: PGUM), also known as Guam International airport, is an international aviation terminal in Tamuning and Barrigada,[4] three kilometers due west of the US capitol Hagåtña (formerly Agana). It is the turntable for United Airlines and Asia Pacific Airlines and also houses the former Naval Air Station Agana.

It is the only truly global in the area. Name after Antonio Borja Won Pat, the first Guamese representative to the United States House of Representatives, it is run by the A.B. Won Pat Foreign Affairs Authority, Guam (GIAA, Chamorro: Aturidat Puetton Batkon Airen Guahan Entenasionat),[5] an agent of the Government of Guam.

Constructed by the Navy around 1943, the Guamu Dai Ni Airfield ( "Guam No. 2") was named as part of their defence of the Marianas. Following the repair in October 1944, the Seventh Air Force of the US Army used the airbase as a basis for the eleventh bombing group that flown the B-24 Liberator bomber from the airbase until it was transferred to Okinawa in July 1945.

The A. B. Won Pat and Won Pat launches its "Vision Hulo" initiative in July 2017, which involves some $167 million in equity enhancement to improve the service and operations of the area. Fifty-five million outbound and connecting people. The latest investment enhancement is a $110 million global arrival lane, the biggest of the investment.

In 2005, the third floor passage will at last bring the terminal in accordance with U.S. Transportation Security Administration rules in reaction to September 11, 2005 by removing incoming internationals from departures and enabling the terminal to eliminate the semi-permanent barrier and regain full use of the terminal.

As Guam is outside the US custom courts, all arrivals are subject to GCQA inspections. Travellers flying to Honolulu (currently the only one in the United States) will be subject to USCBP clearance upon arrivals. USCBP checks all incoming international travelers. Travellers coming from the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), a distinct US immigrant court with slightly different visas regulations, will be checked for their eligibility for Guam.

Non-stop travelers to Honolulu are checked at Guam Airport's Boarding Gates for eligibility under the Guam & CNMI Visas Waiver Program, which allows travellers from certain Asia (to Guam/CNMI but not to the States) to travel visa-free. US nationals do not need a passport in order to travel to Guam from the CNMI (i.e. other types of identity card are acceptable which prove admissibility), but for those who cross a strange land between the states and Guam.

USCBP also inspects transiting customers (with the exception of Honolulu and the CNMI) before they are permitted to go to their terminal. TSA carries out safety checks for all leaving and non-CNMI transiting customers already controlled by TSA at source.

Guam Honolulu travellers with additional links will, however, have to go through the TSA again in Honolulu as they came into touch with their hold luggage during the US Check. It stretches over an area of 6,657 hectares (6.71 km2) at an altitude of 93 metres above sealevel.

Due to the fact that all air travel requires either custom or migration control, the area after the airports safety control was not intended to divide incoming and outgoing people. With the exception of the few Honolulu doors that take travellers directly to custom, all other doors do not have a dedicated door. Incoming travellers go directly into the departure lounge of the gateways and in the past could even buy groceries or goods before they entered the migration area.

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