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At one of our favorite beaches in Maui, the Mauian Studios with kitchens and private Lanais has just steps away from Napili Beach. Special discounts for pilots and COPA members. The Marriott Maui Ocean Club Molokai Maui and Lanai Towers. West-Maui Lodging, Lahaina, Hawaii. West-Maui Accommodation / West Maui Cottages.

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Adult or adult on Maui only? - Forums for the Maui

Adult or adult on Maui only? Hi everyone, my missus and I are trying to schedule a journey to Maui for February and would like to remain in a place suitable for the grown up. Do Maui have places for grown-ups only or at least people?

Adult or adult on Maui only? At AFAIK, in the United States, it is against the Act to forbid child housing as it contravenes the Fair Housing Act. Also for vacations rental, unless the property is small (2 units or less, I think, maybe 4), and owner-occupied. As an example, praigslist does not allow advertisements for holiday homes that forbid them.

Grown-up swimming pools? Adult or adult on Maui only? Aloha Pualani seems to have only the reputations of the grown-up. Adult or adult on Maui only? When you are planning to go to Maui in February, you better make an effort. Nevertheless, there will always be a few children, small children, etc.

Trouble with the swimmingpools -- no room near the pools. A number of estates are constructed around their pools (Westin Ka'anapali).... others choose calmer outlooks. Adult or adult on Maui only? I' m also having a big trouble with yelling children. In October 06 we were at the Sheraton and I don't recall seeing children anywhere.

Grown-ups only or for grown-ups in Maui? "I know that there are only real estates for grown-ups on the continent, but apart from grown-ups I am not familiar with any resort that restricts them. Some smaller objects do not allow kids. The Aloha Pualani shop in Kihei does not welcome under-16s.

Adult or adult on Maui only? Negatives are from placards kids had with them. I was woken up all day long by yelling and racing kids who knocked on the door at 6 o'clock in the morning. Adult or adult on Maui only?

Adult or adult on Maui only? Oh, I adore them. No, I detest the mum and dad who don't look after their juvenile, let them cry out and run aggressively and spoil people's vacation, dinner what you have. Thanks for explanation on hostels gutted, quaiwahine. Adult or adult on Maui only?

Adult or adult on Maui only? Families are in Bldg. 2. This was very beautiful and soothing for two older grown-ups.

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