Are you looking for a Taveuni Island Hotel? The Taveuni Hospital is a small, simple hospital, made up of wooden huts and run by a couple. Mineralogy of six soil profiles from basaltic ash in Taveuni, Fiji, was investigated. Booking your flight from Tokyo (NRT) to Taveuni (TVU). Now TAVEUNI Budget Rent A Car is in operation on Taveuni, Fiji's third largest island.

Guide to Taveuni Island, Fiji

Don't miss a full days excursion to Bouma Falls and Lavena (Ravilevu) nature reserves or the Wairiki Mission, walk to Tagimaucia Lake, watch birds or the old side of the International Date Line (see picture below) and see the Meridian Theatre near by. Are you a resident of Taveuni or are you interested in the isle?

Become part of the new Taveuni Group! As well as the submarine rides, the terrestric representations are signficant-there are waterfalls and a number of scarce, native wildlife. The Taveuni offers a range of outstanding accommodation in the lower and middle price segment. You can reach the isle by plane from Nadi or Suva or by a ferry.

Taveuni's latest tendencies reflect those in other parts of Fiji: It was a property boom, driven by Americans, Germans and others who acquired selected plots of property on the Isle. In order to see this, watch Reel Paradise, a story documentary about the US filmmaker John Pierson, who moved his wife and daughter (see picture on the right) to Taveuni for a year in 2002 to show free films in the time-honored Meridian Cinema at Waiyevo.

That is the FijTaveunii, which the Fiji Visitors Bureau does not publish. I' d definitely hire this movie (not so much to see the inner lives of the Pierson family), but to see a rough piece of Fiji viva. I' ve always thought that almost everyone in Fiji is a lively and deserving of a small role in a movie, and Reel Paradise catches it all - from the kindhearted Fiji chef to the drunk, half funny "local European" leasehold.

Nipples and all of them are there for the whole wide globe to learn about the Pierson people and some aspects of Fiji people. Neither John and Janet Pierson are to be mistaken for Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, nor are their fellow Fijians always perfectly inspired. It' a simple tale of an old US familiy planted in the Waiyevo backwater.

After a year in the land, the pair proclaims what they have learnt - that Fiji is low in riches but unbelievably full of hearts. Taveuni, known as Fiji's Garden Isle, is an oblong smaragd anvil (42 kilometres long and 11 kilometres broad on average). Fiji's third biggest isle lies just across the Somosomo Strait from Vanua Levu (Fiji's second biggest island).

In the centre of the archipelago lies the lake of Tagrimaucia, renowned for the native reddish whitish Tagrimaucia flowers. The Taveuni is remarkable for the great richness of its wildlife, especially its birds. Maybe the primary cause of the great number of birds is the lack of mongooses, which were imported to many other isles ( "sugar cane") to keep the rats under surveillance.

The relatively unapproachable Taveuni mountain range and the rich diet have also made it a haven for many of the many varieties once found throughout the group. Birdwatchers consider Taveuni to be one of the best of the large islets. The birds are less affected and the large doves and macaws are clearly visible.

Probably the most popular of all Taveuni is the legendary Quail Dove. Males of the kind have sprinkled feathers in foliage, which turn to blazing oranges in the year. There are no photos of this deaf woman and the pictures you see in the text of the poultry make you feel uncompared for the brilliant feathers, which are bright red.

In contrast to the orange pigeon, which is difficult to find, the Taveuni pigeon is omnipresent. It is screeching and good-tural noises can be heared all over the isle. It won't take you far to see that sniffer. Many years before the arrival of the Europeans, Taveuni was known for its Kula - a type of macaw that is also native to the area.

The Tongan trade partners travelled to Fiji in antiquity to trade there, is also one of only two northern Fiji island (the other is Cicia) where the Australia magpies were imported to combat the pest of coconuts. Today a striking part of bird lives, it is adored for its strangely melodious singing.

Besides various pigeon types, there is also a kind of hawk with pale rose chest and the Vanikoro Broadbill, which has a deep purple colored chest, which has a deep purple colored wing and a deep purple color. Bird watching groups often spend the night at Garden Island Resort for good reasons. The route leads from the street to the summit through the Collard Lory, Vanikoro Broadbill, Black-naped Tern, Wattled Honeyeater and Fiji Hawk.

The Taveuni is also home to several reptile varieties, such as the Pacific Boa, which is still quite abundant in the rainforests but generally not seen by visitors. These largely undiscovered forests and hills are also home to some well-known types of palm trees and other vegetation not found elsewhere on the planet.

Taveuni's beautiful rain forest is not only appealing to ecotourists and lovers of the outdoors. A Taveuni orchard is shown in the picture on the right - the most important industrial sector of the archipelago outside the tourist area. In the Bouma Falls (see picture above) and Lavena Beach (right), the emergence of two highly effective conservation areas, similar to those of a protected area in a protected area of the country's largest protected area, has shown that felling is not the only way to make a living from deforestation.

The money will give Bouma residents better accessibility to the waterfalls, established hiking paths, barbecue areas, banks and recreation areas.

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