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The Kava Kava Tours Hanga Roa. Easter Island Green Island Tours. Spirit Day Tours Hanga Roa Easter Island. Check out the best rated Easter Island tour operators. At the harbour there is a diving company that offers tours.

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I' m planing a journey to Easter Island in October or November. Easter Island Foundation has proposed a 5-day route, but I know a lot of those who are staying much longer and enjoying every one. Have you had a satisfying experiance with your personal leader? I' m not sure if I want to do a group tour or a personal one.

Maybe he has to be in the van for part of the tour.

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The name Stride Review is known to many experienced travellers. As a subsidiary of TRAFALAR Corporation, whose brand names all have an excellent reputation, for over 70 years now, TRAFFARAR has been providing classical and reasonably priced itineraries. TRAFFARGAR is an inexpensive group tour organiser with first-class taste. Its slogan is "See the word from the inside" - this is the place for cultural wealth and immersion that won't hurt your back or your bench.

The trips are convenient, not too strenuous and provide the possibility to get together, chat, dine and sip. The city has a good name, because it has been around since 1947 - and they are at the forefront of the times when many leading tour operators were founded. You' ll encounter groups of like-minded travellers, enjoying culture adventures, professionally designed routes with hands-on experience and guide while you travel comfortably and easily.

Perhaps you are an energetic traveller, perhaps recently in retirement, who wants to discover the globe comfortably and visit a beautiful mix of singular and classical sights, then it could be a good chosen. You may be new to group and package holidays as you were used to create your own travelling experience at a young age - TRAFFARGAR offers the ideal start to group outings.

Or, you travel with a host of families and are interested in bringing a new breed of travellers to your favourite destination - but don't really have the extra effort or perseverance to plan all the work. Whilst they provide many types of travel for travellers of all age groups, their classical feel is loved by older travellers.

Classical does not mean old-fashioned or weary - just a little less on the action and more on the historical sites and outings. You have a variety of family-oriented routes, as well as tailor-made journeys for particular interests. Traveling in TRAFFARGAR is budget-friendly, with most mid- to low-range travel, which includes a so-called "cost saver" function that allows you to see cheaper travel clearly by rating and outlay.

TRAFFARGAR is a UK trademark, so many of the participants on your tour will come from the UK. Travel to Europe, USA & Canada, South America, Asia, Australia & New Zealand with Travelgar. Whilst travel destination is common, TRAFFARAR tours will take you to secret places without daring too far out of the comforts area.

Touring in Europe and the UK is one of the most favourite routes. There are also a number of guided thematic guided visits, among them visits to Oberammergau, Bavaria. Next year, to witness this one-of-a-kind occasion, is 2020. The Trafalgar Tourism Styles are about getting to know the local people and their cultures through activity.

Its motto is "Discover the Good Life", which means experiencing the reality in a secure, guided setting with expert leaders who help with the local languages and convey the historic and multicultural contexts. The discovery of good living includes benefits such as jumping a line and having personal time on a classical website; and one-of-a-kind adventures that take you to places and among those you would never have the opportunity to travel on your own.

That kind of travelling is a submersion, but not in the same way that a 25-year-old could interprete that notion. Study Italian cuisine, visit a small Spanish oil estate and visit a small wine cellar - these are just a few of Trafalgar's great itineraries.

The groups are large, usually between 40-45 travellers, maximum 52 on travels in the USA and Canada. The main transport during the tour takes place in large buses with WiFi (except Alaska) and large observation lights - perfect to enjoy the landscape on the way to your next destination.

The majority of food during the TRAFFAGAR tour is inclusive. The excursions often involve free times in which you can discover on your own, with proposals from your experienced guide. What's the point of a tour with TRAFFARGAR? Your expertise has enabled them to maintain relations with companies around the globe - a level of qualitiy you can rely on at every stop on the journey.

Special interest niche routes are also something they are proud to do. Notice that these itineraries can be quite large - 40 persons travelling together in a group can be overwhelming for some. Excursions on their website are supported by instant diagram postings from genuine travellers on the same tour, with the hash tag #SimplyTrafalgar.

Founded in 1987, Stride Review provides personalized and tailor-made travel to South and Central America and Antarctica. You will be introduced to your tour leader before he starts planning your individual adventure. Travel are usually in the mid priced category - you will not find enormous budgeting elements here, but they do their best to make a journey on the basis of all priced in.

You concentrate on South and Central America, with a multitude of travels from beaches to Costa Rica, eating in Argentina or Machu Picchu-adventions. You are also one of the few small companies to offer Antarctic cruise services. What's the point of travelling with them? There are dining and wineries outings, adventurous outings, sea excursions and cruise holidays, all of which can be adapted to your preferences and aversions.

Since its inception in 1988, Stride Review has enabled travellers to immerse themselves deep into the cultural heritage of travel destination, where they undertake both group and tailor-made tours. We do not want the concept around which each journey is scheduled to restrict the experience of the participant. Travellers with mountains and myth try to get under the surfaces of a land and its cultures and to communicate with its population.

Individuals travelling with mountains and legends to Nepal, India or Bhutan also have the chance to get first-hand information about the centres READ Global supports. With the aim of bringing travellers to life-changing adventures, it is not astonishing that myth and mountains avoid more touristic places. They offer tours to six Asian, South-East Asian and South American contries, as well as recent additions to Cuba.

A" Customize Your Trip" links to each route described on the website allows those who wish to customize a tour to their own interests and tastes. What's the point of travelling with them? Having the legends and mountains in mind to immerse travellers in the nature of a tourist resort is an important why it draws a very high rate of returning customers.

They will not only come home with a new appreciation of a part of the globe, but also with reminiscences of very private experience that will last the remainder of their life. It' the way the firm does that. In this way, travellers profit far beyond just seeing a traveler.

Specialized in small groups, multi-day adventures and explorations, G Adventures from Toronto has been a leader in this area since 1990. Established by businessman Bruce Poon Tip after a backpacker tour to Asia, the firm promotes green tourist practice - by giving something back to the local community it visits - and sees its shop as "changing people's lives" rather than just providing a holiday.

Since then, the firm has developed into the world's biggest independently owned tour operator, with more than 1,350 staff, many of whom are professional qualified tour guide-bys. Cultivating the G Adventures? Traveling with G Adventures is comprehensive, adventuresome, thrilling and satisfying. From the beginning, G Adventures has retained a powerful commitment to community engagement, culture, traveling responsibly and community involvement.

Her travels are conceived to change lives. The aim of our adventures is to provide its travellers with one-of-a-kind adventures that begin before the journey itself. It offers rice inspirations through its looptail blogs and you can contact other travellers through the Departure Lounge, which is part of the G's'Watering Hole' forums.

On your travels you will see your "CEO" or "Chief Experience Officer" who is "responsible for enhancing your travels, providing insights locally and having great experience when they do. "Most groups have an avarage of 12 travellers, most travel averages 16. We have made a concentrated endeavor to extend our offer beyond teen adventure, although this is still a key issue.

Who' s going to love to travel with G Adventures? When you are the type of traveller, the walking shoe before your clothes on, walking clothes before your supper and a feeling of adventures before you play it safe, then G Adventures is the right choice for you. They also prefer an experience to luxurious accommodation.

The majority of G Adventures trips have an energetic theme - just wait for you on the road and pack a heap. It is possible that you may not see all the important attractions in the interest of a "real" one. So if you're interested in a tour that schedules every part of the route to the nearest second, G Adventures is probably not for you.

Whereas the destination markets were typically younger travellers in the 18-39 segment, G Adventures has significantly extended and now offers a wide variety of tours that appeals to adventuresome, cultural interested travellers of all ages. We do not add a surcharge, so we welcome individual travellers on their travels.

There are many different types of travels, some with a higher budgeted price, such as their National Geographic Journeys. The majority of G Adventures tours are available for small to medium sized groups and are perfect for travellers who like to be in small groups. You will find G Adventures tours in most parts of the world, among them 32 European nations, 25 sub-Saharan African nations, 21 Asian nations, 10 South American nations, 12 Central American and Caribbean lands, five North African and Middle Eastern nations as well as the USA and Canada.

Adventures Travel Style Pricing is competitively priced (cheaper), mainly through the use of grass-roots approaches: mass transit and a mixture of residential accommodation, perhaps with host families and camp sites. There is something for everyone at G Adventures. Types de voyage : classique, actif, ferroviaire, YOLO (vous ne vivez qu'une seule fois - pour les 18-39 ans), National Geographic Journeys, Marine, Famille, Vie locale et groupes privés.

Classical - G Adventures are for those who want to travel independently and don't want to miss anything. It is the ideal option if you want a balance of classical touristic attractions and traditional culture experience. Actively - Throw it back to one of the things G Adventures does best.

Kayak, walking, hiking, trekking; discover your goal through the countryside. This multisport trip is great if you like to stand still and relax in the great countryside. The G Adventures Active Tour is perfect for those who are relatively physical and challenging. JOLO - "You only life once" is the name of the game, and while G Adventures offers adventures for everyone, these journeys are specially conceived for 18-39 year-old people.

Become naughty, get crazy, live unhindered as you discover the city' s cultural and entertainment scene. Once you have the endurance, these journeys are once in a lifetime. NG Journeys - These tours by G Adventures, part of a National Geographic Expeditions alliance, include the same cultural immersion and expert guidebooks with a high standard of accommodation and services.

G Adventures offers cruise packages across the sea and rivers into the vast expanses of the world. Enjoy unbelievable views above and below the ground. Families - adventurous trips are not always particularly pleasant to younger travellers. You and your children can enjoy adventurous adventures with family-friendly trips!

Excursions often have an educative component and are aimed at several age groups. The itineraries are conceived so that you really experience the feeling and pace of life like a native. Personal Groups - If you and your loved ones or a group of your acquaintances want to have the pleasure all to themselves, G Adventures can arrange a personal group tour just for you.

Remark: Part of the cultural immersion of travelling with G Adventures is the use of PTS. So why take a tour with G Adventures? G Adventures is the ideal tour for travellers looking for an exhilarating, professional-led, cultural and everlasting itinerary. Your travels are as authentically as possible - and they attach great importance to giving something back to the community - so that you know that your tourist funds are being used for useful purposes.

Traveling with G Adventures is not a luxurious experience. If you like one-of-a-kind adventures and busy nights on a fleecy cushion, then you've come to the right place. Bottom line, G Adventures wants you out there with them. At G Adventures you will find something for everyone, whether you're cruising down the Danube with a glas of fine wines or wandering through the rain forests of Costa Rica.

It is important to note that many G Adventures tours use mass transit. Will I need to take out tourist health cover? Trip insurances are necessary for all travellers on G Adventures-journeys. In case you do not yet have your own insurances, you can take out a schedule for the duration of your trip when booking your G Adventures tour.

For more information on other itineraries, see the main types of cover " 3. Although G Adventures does not factor the cost of your flight into the fare, they can help you to make reservations. No, G Adventures does not add a surcharge for their trips.

Individual travellers are very welcome. During the tour you will be sharing with a same-sex flatmate. Whereas G Adventures travels are aimed primarily at younger adventurers, all age groups are welcome on most of them. There are 18-39 routes specially developed for travellers in this area.

Most other G Adventures journeys require a carer to accompany and are open to all under-18s. A number of family-friendly excursions are open to younger outings. The G Adventures group travel is small and personal. A point of contact for searching for routes and acitivities, from one to several days, during your journeys at reasonable costs.

There is a large selection of travel (many journeys are two-day packages) around the globe. You are an aggregate of cheaper routes, but do not take the prizes offered at face value. The tour takes one to three nights and includes a series of US guided visits, adventure places like Machu Picchu and Costa Rica as well as classical routes like in Paris and Rome.

Warned: Your routes are almost exclusively in Mandarin! Englishspeaking people will not have a satisfactory learning environment. However, if you are a Mandarin speaker, your tour is well suitable for young individuals, family, and groups of friends. Some of their travels are short, from one to three in some cases.

You can find trips all over the globe, with the exception of Antarctica, with a focus in the United States. They want to be on the search for several concealed charges behind their below-average tour rates. What's the point of travelling with them? The routes vary from large to small groups and contain food, transportation and lodging - former travellers are warning that the busses are crowded and do not offer much legroom.

Sobek Stride Review Mountain Travel provides small group travel experiences and explorations around the globe. Established in 1969, the enterprise is one of the first in the field of adventurous travel. Mountain Travel Sobek is a specialised adventurer for walking, mountain biking, canoeing, cruises and safari.

Travellers are helped to reach some of the remotest parts of the globe comfortably and safely. Mountaineer Travel Sobek's first journey was to the Himalayas of Nepal, so if you choose an MT Sobek tour, you can be sure that you are travelling with experienced vets. Mountaineer Travel Sobek draws like-minded explorers who can be a couple, a family or a single traveller.

What is great about travelling with MT Sobek is that the group size is small - usually no more than 15 people. From the best Canada trips in North America to the most memorable holiday package to Costa Rica in South America, Mountain Travels Sobek provides adventurous trips on all seven of them.

Her best-known tours are the Himalayan Mountains, the Asian, African and South American Himalayan Mountains and many more. What's the point of travelling with them? When you want to take on a challenging and adventure-filled vacation, Mountain Travel Sobek is for you.

It has received numerous accolades and is an accredited New York Times Journeys tour operator. Gateway 1 has a wide range of package holidays and cruise ships around the globe that offer extraordinary value for money. Concentrating on travellers from the Americas looking for "quality, yet affordable" managed tours, with accommodation from the upper to the moderately luxurious classes.

The majority of trips have extra services for food, activity and outings. Gate 1 review oscillates between 5-star and 1-star adventures. Anyone who has had an outstanding period quotes the pace of the tour, the guide and the wide range of sight-seeing possibilities as positive. Anyone for whom the same factor contributes to a bad result may have had higher expectation than is available or available for the rates that Gate 1 has.

Gateway 1 is the ideal option for family, couple and group of friends looking for a low-cost trip. It is important to be conscious of the compromise when travelling with them, as GATEP1 is a purely budget-oriented label. It costs about $2,000 on a daily basis, often less.

And if you expect more revenue-generating expertise, consider a different provider. Travellers use it again and again over the years and always tell of a marvellous one. The Topdestination Gate 1 tours span most of the globe, from North, Central and South America to Europe, Africa and Asia.

In short, the Gateway 1 Traveller is " see a lot for a little ". You' will be welcomed on the spot by a committed tour guide who will be at your side throughout your trip. Accompanied group coach trips are a large part of their work - between 24-42 persons.

And, as a rule, coach trips often stop to allow leg extension and the use of equipment. We also offer small group trips (maximum 22 people), cruising on rivers on two main seas, individual sightseeing and flight and ferry services, train and train services, tailor-made travel and combined bus/cruises - something for almost anyone interested in a cheap holiday.

What's the point of a tour with Gate 1? Offering a choice of different kinds of packages, which include train, cruises on rivers and small groups, at competitively priced prices. Her accompanied routes are very much loved, and clients are repeating regular journeys with them. Whereas Gate 1 is the main market leader and is about providing a full and enjoyable global travelling adventure on a single price, other markets associated with Gate 1 are more strongly geared towards first-class.

This includes the Sigature range, which provides luxurious travel opportunities and smaller groups. One of the Globus brand names, Stride Review Monograms provides traditional holiday deals to many of the world's most loved travel locations. Headquartered in Colorado, USA, the firm has many years of package travel expertise.

The Monograms offer a wide range of tours for many different types of people. There are topics to chose from such as Family, Food & Drink, Cruises and Active. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive itinerary, organising everything from transfers to your daily meal and activity. The Monograms is the medium-sized Globus price label and therefore the travellers are spread over many different ages.

The most monogram packs are a mixture of group sight-seeing and self-discovery. Most of their travels, however, still provide a degree of freedom to choose a place to visit on your own conditions. Monograms can be sent to many different destinations in Europe, Australia, Asia, South/Central America and Africa. Their best-known tourist destinations are Italy, and they also provide some truly one-of-a-kind Australian itineraries, especially to areas not served by other similar tour operators.

What's the point of travelling with them? And you can also benefit from the companionship if you place a little more emphasis on your own personality and service. The origins of Stride Review Globus go back to Switzerland when in 1928 the firm's owner Antonio Mantegazza purchased a rowing boat to transport travellers across Lake Lugano and entertain them with tales of what to see in the area.

This humble beginning gave rise to one of the world's foremost tour operators. Globe is part of the Globus brand group, which also owns Avalon Waterways, Cosmos and Monograms - together they transport more than half a million travellers a year. So what makes Globus different? Established in 1928, one of the oldest in the industry, they are valued as a high-value all-round tourism group.

Would you like free Wi-Fi on your tour van so that you can navigate the interesting pages you come across? Globus' years of expertise has taught them what makes travellers feel good, and they provide at affordable rates. Globus is a classical accompanied tour organizer, ideally for travellers, who look for a comfortably and entertaining journey adventure.

Globe trips usually have everything in their basic prices, they select the hotel in the centre of a town ( "where the event takes place"), allow a good amount of free leisure to discover a travel destinations on their own, and use expert regional guide - in a nutshell, they provide the full pack.

Anyone who enjoys travelling with Globus? Globe trips are primarily directed at older travellers, especially young pensioners and 50+ boomer babies, as well as senior citizens. You' ll have the wish to unwind and make yourself at home, enjoying the classical attractions and perhaps a cup of coffee in one of the cafés proposed by your guide.

While you don't want to be hunted or hunted from place to place, you will be drawn to the advantages of a tour - logistic and a tour leader to help you keep your route underway. Globus is a long-established, award-winning tour operator aimed at both low-cost group travellers and those looking for a more individual (and expensive) tour plan.

Since you can select between group, single, familial or worship trips from four to 29 nights, Globus Reisen appeals to a wide spectrum of travellers. However, their Sweetspot stays in the center of the street, the "value" traveller. Today Globus is active in over 60 destinations around the world and offers almost 160 different accompanied trips to Europe, Africa, the Near East, Asia, the South Pacific and North and South America.

Whether you are looking for holiday packs in Switzerland or the best Thailand trips, look at Globus. Globus restricts the group to 44 people on Europe's coaches, giving additional leg room on the coaches. Globe Travelling The Globe travelling lifestyle is relaxing yet extensive.

The group trips are conceived to offer a unique discovery experience, but with many pre-planned activites, trips and food to savour throughout your holiday. You have the chance to make new acquaintances and like-minded people. There are also privately owned Globus trips in Europe for those who want to make this autonomous discovery possible on an even larger scale.

On a globe journey, an observant tour director is never far away. Globe tour managers are natives who contribute to the route, give you their own special perspectives and take you to the best places to eat, drink, shop, etc. GlobeTravelStyle aims to combine the best of "travel like a local" with the best of "classic destinations".

Globe is not a luxurious label, but accommodation and transport are convenient. The Globe tour - why? Elderly travellers who are not yet interested in a slowdown will appreciate the Globas concept. Globe makes astonishing travelling experience accessible - for different budget and style. Extremely adventuresome and self-sufficient travellers may be eager to discover other alternatives before choosing Globus.

This kind of guided tour is not for everyone. When you are inquisitive about group trips, other group trips offer more flexible options that could offer a more rewarding introductory experience to this type of travelling. Globe has many great benefits for large groups who plan a trip. When you are a group of eight persons travelling together, you are entitled to benefits and reductions; and if you are a group of 20 persons, Globus will put together a tailor-made route for you.

As a traveller, if you are looking for reasonably priced holidays and would like to choose a particular topic, globeus has the right tour for you. The Stride Review Cosmos brand is committed to "making your dream of travelling come true" by providing reasonably priced itineraries in different parts of the globe. As part of the Globe Group of tour labels, Cosmos has been conducting guided itineraries since the 1960'.

The company works with hotel and other tour operators to keep down the cost and pass on cost reductions to its clients. While most of the cost is covered by the tour, you may be on your own for some mealtimes and outings. Kosmos began with low-cost bus trips to Europe for price-conscious travellers and has now added American, South American and some Middle East and Northern Africa locations.

These include theme-based trips through South Europe and Israel as well as vacation trips. For example, the firm stresses that when you tour Europe, you remain like Europeans, eating like Europeans and "sharing the EU perspective on Europe". Shecos also has a lot of free space to discover on your own, a way to personalize your group trip a little.

The Stride Review Group was established in 1954 to provide travellers with the most demanding itineraries. The goal of the company is to offer a significant, unforgettable and precious travelling adventure, whether to the remotest, secluded European towns or to the travelers' wish list. They' re always looking for the best way to discover the whole wide globe in a stylish way, thoroughly investigating every single property, every single one of the lodges and every single one of the campsites and checking the commentaries of travellers and employees periodically on the accommodation and services available.

Trackcoa trips are organised for people of all age groups, individuals and pairs. Guided visits are family-friendly. Travel to all seven of the world's seven main destinations. There are three kinds of trips: accompanied (small group of about 12 guests), personal (individual trips according to fixed itineraries) or personal (individually arranged adventures, depending on the traveler's wishes).

What's the point of travelling with them? Combining the essence of travellers' travels, the classic traveller lifestyle brings together useful, individual and enjoyable moments. You want real, individual care to get to know travellers before and during the trip. Drawing on many years of travelling expertise and a large selection of tourist attractions, Travelcoa can offer a large selection of itineraries to suit every taste and every taste.

The Travcoa also provides the possibility to book a longer trip. A prizewinning adventurous and proactive travel organisation, Stride Review Exodus has been operating in the UK for over 44 years and opened its own US and Canada offices three years ago. You are specialized in cultural, hiking and hiking trips, cycling and responsible wildlife trips to over 100 countries around the world.

Quest can take the shape of serious and energetic adventure - which can include adrenalin-producing off-path travels to the remotest parts of the globe - or eating and drinking, premier (five-star), familial or culture adventure to icons that offer more comfort and convenience. Imagine an award-winning range of small group travel, self-managed adventure, dining and dining travel, group travel and single travel.

Perhaps the most famous for its offer of biking, hiking and hiking routes around the globe. From 1-10, these activities can be varied according to the degree of challenge, and attract both occasional bikers and walkers and enthusiasts who want to take their limitations to the limit. Most journeys have a maximal group of 4-16 travellers, with an intersection of 10-12.

Exodus encompasses almost all the basics for adventuresome, environmentally aware and accountable travellers. This exodus traveller is very energetic, likes to be adventuresome and is less spent on luxurious accommodation or a great deal of museumsýtime. They are a fun for everything, enjoy the travelling experiences, get to know a new holiday resort through outdoors adventures and get to know the cultures of native leaders and heroes.

They are ideal for those who already have a basic degree of body condition and are keen to take on new bodily challenge. Being a UK based business, many of Exodus's customers used to come from the UK, but now also from the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Expatriates are varied and on averages 35-65 years old.

Travel ranges from $1,500 to $2,500, with the emphasis on value. Most Destinations Exodus offers 600 + journeys across all seven soils. Ranging from Africa safari, hiking and wineries in Italy and France to the sun-drenched Croatia coastline, Patagonia hiking, Galapagos wilderness cruising and Vietnam biking, Exodus has expanded its worldwide reach and offers adventure activities for every traveller's outfit.

The Exodus Travel Style means of transportation range from two legs to two bicycles and even a personal transporter. Exodus bike tours are all backed by a SAG car - abbreviated to "Support and Equipment". Baggage is carried from point to point on all routes, giving travellers the liberty to unwind and soak up the adventure.

The lodgings are usually equipped with 2-3 stars, with some first-class descents, and the firm endeavours to provide exceptional lodgings wherever possible. What is the point of a tour with Expedition? The major advantage of EXODES is its offering of products that are in use. An expert in this type of travelling, they are well known in the UK, Australia and North America.

Her travels have a profound intercultural component and are founded on the principle of sustainable travel. Prior to their entry into the business, the members of the staff were professionals in archaeology, wild life guiding, cross-country skiing, mountaineering, scuba and skiing, and mountaineering so they know how to travel to the wild and the remotest parts of the globe and offer the kind of knowledge you need to really appreciate what you have been through.

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