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In order to compensate for the favourable room prices, the hotel's extras are expensive, and these are rising rapidly. During the sunset the view from the room was amazing. Wireless internet in the room: Check-in/check-out dates to see prices and availability. On-line booking & reservation of low-budget rooms at Hotel Raviz Kollam with prices and rates.

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The Raviz is one of Kollam's most important Backwater Cottages, Wellness & Spa Estates, The Raviz and Spa is one of the most important spa areas in Kollam. Situated on the shores of Lake Ashtamudi in Kollam, Kerala. Situated in a peaceful setting of unspoilt nature, the residence is a wonderful haven for those seeking a contemporary and luxury holiday with a traditionally designed interior.

There are sumptuous rooms, a large Ayurveda spas and multi-cuisine dining. "Situated in a beautiful setting, where traditions meet contemporary luxuries. "Raviz is a beautiful estate with a beautiful setting near Lac Ashtamudi. It is a quiet place and the view of the beautiful scenery is just amazing.

Not a lot of activity is offered by the area. The unique feature of this complex is how beautifully they have succeeded in combining luxury with tradition. Beautiful view of the pond. Large and well-kept plot. Beautiful mix of classic and trendy style. Raviz is an impressive building on the shores of the Ashtamudi Sea in Kollam.

It offers a distinctive mix of modern and classic designs and is a beautiful green estate with views of the untouched backwater. Ayurveda Spas at the Kerala Ayurveda Centre is one of the biggest spas in Kerala. There are rooms in the historic wings and in the new skyscraper.

Besides, there are a number of houses and mansions that are used as accommodations. Several of the cabins on the site are even several hundred years old. Around 90 well-equipped luxurious rooms in the Heritage Wing and Tower Block provide an memorable adventure for all travelers.

There is a large selection of delicious food in the resorts from different parts of the world, and of course from Kerala. You will find all the amenities you would want in a luxurious hotel at Raviz Spa. ASHAMUDI Seafood Crème with stewed Tapioka is one of the most popular meals in the Ristorante.

Indoors are traditionally designed and offer a good panoramic sea-front. Situated on 630 sqm, the rooms have contemporary conveniences such as a whirlpool and a seperate scullery. Several of these rooms offer a panoramic sight of the untouched sea. These 530 square-foot mansions in feature state of the art conveniences and en-suite swimming pool.

All cabins are constructed in Kerala architecture. They are several hundred years old and have been restored to preserve their original appearance. The 890 sq.m. königliche Suiten with a view of the lakeside have wood flooring, work table and a Jazuzzi.

It has two LEDs, one in the master suite and the other in the lounge.

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