The Ke'e heiau (Temple) complex consists of several visible structures. " Heiau I" - Tom Burckhardt. Found in Ka?alaiki, Ka??

, ?Imakak?loa Heiau is one of the few documented hula heiau in the Pae ??ina of Hawai?i. A massive stone structure at the edge of the pool captures the first rays of the sun: a hot (pronounced HAY-ee-OW) or an old Hawaiian temple. Hot, the Hawaiian temple, looks like a beach house located on the windswepting beach of Waimanalo overlooking the beautiful turquoise sea.

Heiau Sacral Temples in Hawaiian Cultures

The Heiau were constructed to offer a place of adoration, a holy place that honors something of great importance to the fellowship. Ethnic and healthy. There are many kinds of heiau. He honoured warfare, often with people sacrificed. Heheau ho'oulu assured good harvests. Heliho' o?lu was good fish. He is Heiau Hannah Ala, made to promote charity.

It can be as easy or as complex as the visions of monarchs and queens or the lower castings, although they were increasingly grounded in contrast to the architectural style of ancient monasteries and cloisters. Heau on a large scale were usually only intended for licence fees. For the more complex ones, there may be small houses with houses for monarchs, clergy or percussion.

As the eight main islands of Hawaii accounted for the bulk of the total inhabitants, the heiau were mainly located there. But wherever humans go, what is important to them will come next, which is why heiau was also found on the most inhabited islands in northwestern Hawaii. heiau Pu'u O Mahuka, known as "Hill of Escape", is the biggest heiau on O'ahu.

Pi'ilanihale Heiau in Hana, on Mau' i, is one of the biggest of the isles. The next trip to Hana is definitely a worthwhile one. H?lawa Heiau (note the 10.12. 13 pixels at the end of the website) is significant in that it was both a women's and a men's Heiau.

Situated on O'ahu, it was once hidden in the rolling countryside until the H3 motorway passed it, an unhappy element of "progress". "Hale O Dad - Heiau No Na Wahine, situated on the west side of the island of Hawai'i, was intended only for royalty. Pu'ukohola Heiau. Kamehameha the Great dominates the hill within the Pu'ukohola National Historic Site, while the sunken Hale o Kapuni Heiau sanctuary is inhabited by shark.

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