Kihei Maui

Khihei Maui

This is a community of new houses in a relaxed Kihei environment. Just imagine you live in a brand new condo in the sunny south of Maui. Beach condominiums in Maui. Daily occurrence on the beaches of South Maui. Every year thousands of visitors flock to the South Maui coast to enjoy endless sunny days, tropical views and pristine beaches in the city of Kihei.

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Some of the Kihei shore, in the form of a south-west opening fish hook, is sheltered from the great sea by Lanai and Kahoolawe. The North Pacific Sea waves affect the southerly part of the shore, while the southerly waves hit the whole shoreline during the summers and can drastically alter the appearance of the bath.

Coastal impacts Kona Storm are the biggest individual occurrences that have affected the coastline, especially the north part of this coastline. It is also known that the wind of cyclones causes swelling that affects the sea side profiles. Tradeshows, which are stronger in the summers but occur throughout the year, have a tendency to blast off-shore in the north of the area.

In the daytime, thermals that occur on the hillsides of Haleakala have a tendency to turn the wind ashore in the middle and south.

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Sunset is a community thing in South Maui - just look at the crowds on the Kama?ole Beaches Park II walls in the afternoons. It' a sequence that repeats itself here every single coastal night. Kihei and Wailea, with kilometre-long stripping walls, contour centres and sophisticated estates, appear too commercially and overdeveloped at first to be.

Here you will find a mixture of landscape and adventures from Kihei to Makena and beyond, which is truly one-of-a-kind. Dependably combine sunshine, tranquil coastlines and a varied gastronomic landscape and South Maui is a rather compelling place to dock.

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The snorkelling trip starts at the port of Maalaea, where you will take your boats to Molokini Crater and the turtle town. Comfy cruising, easy access to and from the sea, a qualified skipper and team and the opportunity to find out more about this piece of the island of Maui are just some of the main factors why this trip is an excellent way to explore the Maui.

Molokini's extinguished volcano cones lie off the southern coast of Kihei and rise from 91 metres of waters and offer the chance to see indigenous species of sea creatures from Hawaii such as mantas, sea urchin, shark and sea urchin swimming around the corals the whole year through the clear waters.

Molokini is a natural reserve and a natural reserve for birds, so you can look forward to untouched natural surroundings. Snorkel with the included snorkel gear to discover the submarine environment and use the two waterslides for more enjoyment, especially for children. For your security, there is always a rescue swimmer in the waters to look after the snorkellers and provide help when needed, and after you leave Molokini the second snorkelling area of the morning is Turtle Town, where you have the opportunity to swimm with Hwaiian freshwater tortoises amidst the tranquil waters and corals.

And last but not least, you' ll be enjoying a thrill ride for the opportunity to take home a team tee: a tee: a crew tan:): There are two chutes, a "trust advance", two fresh running watershowers, the use of high-quality snorkel equipment, swimming equipment and toilets on the yacht. It has an easily operated stairs into and out of the sea, a lot of shadow and a lot of Jimmy buffet-Musik, to amuse you during your days in paradise.

The SNUBA® allows you to experience the ease of snorkelling and the miracles of breathability under the sea. The SNUBA® is a one-of-a-kind, patent-registered flat sea dive system that closes the snorkelling to dive distance.

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