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Amazam (.com, the flagship of the USA) is a popular destination for online shoppers of American Samoa. More about Halloween costume shops in American Samoa. Agreements, purchasing, shipping and goods receipt, stores/stock and warehouse. A number of shops deliver larger quantities to the customs station.

You can have your house look stylish, even with Thrift Store finds!

sales conditions

"Store " relates to our on-line and retailer stores where you can search, buy, buy, evaluate and evaluate our goods and service such as equipment, gaming terminals, consumer electronics, consumer electronics, consumer electronics, digital contents, and more. You are advised to study the Store Guidelines with caution. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE SHOP POLICY, YOU MAY NOT USE THE SHOP OR THE SERVICE.

When the Shop asks you to open an online shop profile, you must finalize the enrollment procedure by supplying us with up-to-date, full and precise information as requested in the relevant enrollment forms. Alternatively, you may be asked to agree to a maintenance contract or additional conditions of use as a prerequisite for opening an existing one.

You represent and warrant to us that you will not use the Shop for any purposes that are illegal or forbidden by these Sales Conditions, the Shop Guidelines or any other conditions applicable to your use of the Shop as a prerequisite for your use of the Shop and the Services.

They may not receive or try to receive any material or information in a way that was not deliberately made available through the shop. They may not commercialise, publicise, license in any way or market any product, information or service you have received through the shop. When you post your entry in areas of the Store where it is fully available on-line, your entry may appear in demos or material promoting the Store and/or the Store's goods, offerings, services and contents.

It may contain hyperlinks to third parties' web sites through which you can exit the shop. Their use of a third vendor's website may be governed by the third vendor's own rules. The available goods and service may differ by geography or equipment. There may also be restrictions on the shipment of goods as defined in our shipment policy.

You may need a viable invoice and delivery location within the jurisdiction or area of the store where you are shopping to make your purchases. Before you can buy a product or service in the shop, you must be a consumer. Goods and servies bought in the shop may be liable to custom and international legislation and rules.

You may be billed (a) in anticipation, (b) at the date of your order, (c) soon after your order, or (d) on a regular monthly billing base. We may also invoice you up to the amount you have authorised and we will inform you in good faith and in accordance with the conditions of your membership of any changes to the amount billed for recurrent use.

At the same timeframe, we may charge you for more than one of your previous accounting period for sums that have not yet been used. Pricing and availabilty are changeable at any moment and without advance notification. In the event that the goods or service you have ordered are not available, we may be able to get in touch with you to provide you with an alternate one.

If you cancel, your use of the related contents will be deactivated. You can deactivate your personal information for any reasons. Additionally, we may delete or deactivate any game, application, contents or service on your machine to help us or potentially affected people.

Certain contents and apps may not be available from case to case or may be available for a certain period of use. So, if you move your accounts or devices to another area, you may not be able to re-download or restream certain contents or devices that you bought; you may need to re-buy contents or devices that you bought in your area before.

We are under no duty to re-download or replace the contents or applications you have purchased, unless otherwise prescribed by statute. If you do not want to automatically keep your Storefront applications up to date, you can modify your preferences. Some Office Stores applications that are wholly or partially hosted on-line, however, can be upgraded by the Apple developers at any point in the development process and may not you.

Unless otherwise specified, you will be granted a licence to the use of the Shop's products and other types of electronic contents. com/en/servicesagreement/#STANDARDAPPLICATIONLICENSETERMS]. Uninstall Office Store apps are not subject to availability and have their own licensing conditions. If you do, you agree and agree that your legal interests with regard to these products are restricted by these Sales Conditions, copyrights and the above mentioned conditions of use.

Duplication or distribution of any part of the website that does not comply with the appropriate licensing requirements, regulations and laws is strictly forbidden and may lead to serious consequences under the laws of the state. DIFFERENT PRICES AND PRICES. Besides downloads of our product and our product range, other product and related offerings available for sale or evaluation in our store may be covered by our end users licence agreement, our general disclaimer, our general sales agreement, our general sales agreement and other general sales/dealings.

When you buy or use these items, you may also need to agree to these conditions as your purchasing, installing or using conditions. If you use any of the shop's provided shopware, programs, applications, software or goods, please be aware of the copyright of others. Code for downloading content and softwares.

Other conditions and retention policies may be applicable to subscriptions supplied via a delivery URL, which you may accept at the date of your subscriptions. We may terminate or change our keystore software at any given moment.

Also, you consent that we may stop storing keys for one or more of our software at anytime for any reasons, such as at the end of the end of the lifecycle of our software after you no longer have direct control over the downloaded file or your electronic keylog.

This shop has no guaranteed comparison pricing. It may be possible to pre-order some of our items before the date of release. If not otherwise indicated, the shop rates do not include all applicable tax and duties ("taxes") that may be incurred for your shopping. In the shop indicated prizes understand themselves plus forwarding expenses.

If you use a prepaid account or direct-debit card, your account manager may add charges for these charges. If your state, county, provincial or state allows automated extensions, you can select whether to extend the product or provision of your product or provision of your requested information at the end of a specific year. Cancellation of the product or provision of another product or provision of a particular product or provision of a particular product or provision of a service prior to the renewal date.

Reshipments and exchange for qualifying goods are accepted for 14 day from the date of sale or the date of downloading. Unless otherwise provided by legislation or a specific range of goods, all sales of these categories of goods are definitive and non-refundable: electronic applications, gaming, in-app contents and season tickets, soundtracks, films, TV shows and related contents; gifts coupons and service/subscription tickets (e.

g. Skype, Xbox Live, Groove Music Pass); personalised or personalised goods; orders for specific orders if they are not part of a promotion in the shop; direct-to-home ( "RAM") goods; sale articles or those labelled as "Final Sale" or "Non-Returnable". Repayments will be made to the same bankroll and by the same means of payments as the order was placed (unless you select a store balance equal to the refund).

When living in Taiwan, please be aware that under Taiwan's Consumer Protection Act and its applicable provisions, all acquisitions of electronic contents provided through an immaterial online forms and/or online materials are definitive and non-refundable if such contents or materials are provided online. Change words. When you place your order, the sales conditions valid at the moment of your order regulate your purchasing and are used as a sales agreement between us.

Read the sales conditions every times you use the shop. It is recommended that you store or printout a copy of the sales conditions. The use of the shop, inclusive of shopping, may be subject to certain ages. Some of the information we gather from you is used to run and deliver the shop.

Error in the branch presentation. We work to correctly post information, keep the shop up to date and fix bugs when they are detected. The contents of the shop may, however, be wrong or outdated at any given tim. The shop is subject to change at any moment, inclusive of price, specification, offers as well as stockability.

cessation of use or access. Use of the Shop constitutes your acceptance that you are liable (in accordance with these Terms) for all orders placed or invoiced before such cancellation. IF ANY, ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE SOLD OR AVAILABLE IN THE STORE IS GUARANTEED ONLY UNDER LICENSE OR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY THAT ACCOMPANIES IT.


I DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT ACCESS TO THE SHOP OR SERVICES WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED, TIMELY, SECURE, ERROR-FREE OR THAT NO CONTENT WILL BE LOST. You may have legal under New Zealand Consumer Guarantee Law for New Zealand residents, and nothing in these Sales Conditions is meant to prejudice such ineligibility.

These restrictions and disclaimers shall govern, to the fullest of your rights under the laws in force, any claim relating to the Shop, the Services, these Conditions of Purchase or any products or services, whether for viruses or malware affecting your use of the Shop or the Services or any products or services purchased from the Shop, and any delay or failure to start or complete any transmission or transaction.

Interpretation of these notions. Any part of these Sales Conditions shall be governed by the fullest possible scope of applicable laws; you may have greater legal remedies at your place of domicile (or, in the case of a company, at your place of primary residence). In the event that it is established that we are unable to assert any part of these Conditions of Sales as in writing, we may substitute these Conditions with similar conditions to the fullest possible degree of enforceability under applicable laws, but the remainder of these Conditions of Sales shall not be affected.

Insofar as legally permissible, we may at all times and without prior notification cede, delegate or otherwise control our statutory duties and duties arising from these GTC. They are not entitled to cede or to delegate any right arising from these Conditions of Purchase. If you have any questions about our products, please visit our shop's Distribution and Service page.

a. North or South America outside the United States and Canada. For all other requirements (including customer safety, unlawful contest and requirements from illicit action) the laws of the country, to which we address the Store and services apply. b. Middle East or Africa.

Irish law governs the application of these Conditions of Sales and any claim for infringement, without prejudice to the conflicts of law rules. For all other rights (including customer rights, dishonest competitors and tortious claims) the law of the state to which we address the Store and Services applies. Both you and we hereby consent to the sole and irrevocable competence and place of competent Irish court for all litigation under or in connection with these Conditions of Sales or the transaction. c. Asia or the South Pacific, excluding the United States.

Applicable Washington State statute shall provide for the application of these Sales Conditions and any claim for violation thereof, without regard to the conflicts of interest principle. For all other rights (including customer privacy, dishonest practices and tort) the rights of the jurisdiction to which we address the shop apply. All disputes resulting from or in relation to these Conditions of Sales or the Transaction, as well as all questions regarding their continued operation, invalidity or terminability, shall be submitted to and settled by the Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) in accordance with the Singapore International Court of Arbitration Regulations, which shall be considered to have been included by referral in this provision.

Japan's law shall regulate these Conditions of Sales and all issues resulting from or related to them or the business. e. Republic of Korea. Korean law shall regulate these conditions and all issues resulting from or in connection with them or the business. f. Taiwan.

Taiwan law governs these Conditions of Sales and all issues that arise out of or in connection with them or the business. Both you and we shall have the irrevocable right to call the Taiwan Taipei District Courts the courts of first resort having exclusive venue for all litigation under or in connection with these conditions or the Store to the fullest extend permissible under Taiwanese law.

We, or our vendors and other third parties own the ownership, copyrights and other IP in the shop, the services and the contents. Genuine company and product name may be the trademark of their individual owner. We reserve all of our proprietary and proprietary notices, except those explicitly set forth in these Conditions of Purchase.

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