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The Maui Vacation Consultants - Your Maui Vacation Specialists With Maui Vacation Consultants we take your holiday idea to a whole new stage. With our services, your dream of a great holiday will come through. Whether it's your first or your fifth trip to Maui, it's always fun to know what to do and what's new.

We' ll keep you up to date on the latest information about dining, activity, nightlife, touring, and more. We can help you planning a holiday pack, room and vehicle or any part of your trip. All of the activity we suggest is highly valued and ranges from a road to Hana van route or a relaxed snorkeling trip to an exciting heli trip or a trip to Hawaii.

would you joy to take your holidays as we remove the troublemaker. Consider us your Maui specialists. Plan your Maui holiday today! At Maui Vacation Consultants we take all the riddles off your mind when you plan your Maui holiday. Our team takes care of the detail and special needs of our customers and prepares the ideal holiday for you.

Of the journey up to the accommodation, of activites up to the meal, of the security up to specialities.

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It is your holiday and should be perfectly! In Maui, we provide you with information about the apartments and mansions we have reserved, and we take the telephone when you call. Maui' beaches are the most luxury and first class facilities on beautiful beaches, as well as mid-range homes.

Each apartment has fast beach and restaurant facilities and activity throughout the entire area. In Maui you will also find a small number of luxury apartments. Laughing when asked if a whole weekend is too long for Maui. There are so many different climate zones, outdoor pursuits, beach and tourist attraction in Maui that you can stay a whole months and still want to come back.

Give us a call to get an individual offer that suits your holiday schedule and your tastes.

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