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Guide to Guam | Guam Tourism A well-kept mystery for the vast majority of Australians: a beautiful tropic islands with beautiful sandy beach, world-class resort facilities and untouched snorkelling and scuba-dive, all against the background of an eclectic culture that stems from a long exploratory and crew tradition. It is the biggest of the Mariana Islands, probably better known in recent times as a battlefield of the Second War between the Americans and the Japanese.

Guam is a nautical haven with a subtropical sea environment, reefs and sandy beach. Snorkelling and scuba dipping is of the highest quality, with no less than 60 divesites, inclusive shipwreck-dives. The Ypao Beach Navy Reservation, at the south end of the Tumon Bay resorts and mall, is one of the best of a dozen snorkelling areas.

Lovers of historical heritage will find many World War II memorials, among them the war in the Pacific National Park between the ports of Guam and Hagatna. Continue immersing yourself in the Chamorro and colonial cultures and visit more ancient towns on the south of the islands, among them Umatac, where the discoverer Ferdinand Magellan ended up on the islands in 1521.

Grocery is influenced by Chamorro, Spanish, Filipino, US and more recently Asia-Merger - a festival of cultureiversity. Do not miss the hot chickens or prawns kelaguens or the delicacies of the Chamorro grill, where the meats are cooked in a mixture of onion, wine and soya, served with long grain rices.

You' ll find some of the best barbecues at the Wednesday evening week at Chamorro Village, Hagatna. As before Guam is a very favourite holiday resort among the Japanese, with new links to China and Korea. Massive US investments in Guam have resulted in world-class five-star hotels on the islands, supported by cheaper accommodation.

With the largest concentrations of resort and hotel accommodation, Tumon Bay has been described as a smaller variation of Waikiki with its beachfront scenery and other amenities such as night life, food and drink. Further accommodations are Hagatna, Maite, Tamuning and Mangilao. Specialist stores, giftshops, megamalls, the most prestigious luxuries, fleamarkets and road fairs.... for such a small isle Guam has it all.

Guam has many uncultivated areas with walks through forests and jungles to secret falls, World War II places, caverns and unspoilt sands. Guam Boonie Stompers, who gather every Saturday at 9am at the Chamorro Village Centre Courts in Hagatna, will take a group walk to various places on the Isle.

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