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Declaration by the Secretary-General of the GUAM to the United Nations Security Council Open discussion on conflict in Europe

Mr President, I am honoured to be speaking on behalf of the Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development - GUAM - which is a local project of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Mr President, let me begin by thanking the Ukrainian delegation for organising this high-level discussion on the maintenance of international peace and security:

It is also an important step in our efforts to address this important issue from the point of view of our regions and to give us the chance to divide our visions. Mr President, this year the GUAM is celebrating its twentieth year. From its inception, the organizations' activity has been to promote instability and interregional co-operation in the Black Sea-Caspian Sea through the promotion of democratization, commerce and economical growth, connections to transportation and transportation, and the promotion of sustainable and cultural exchange between the GUAM member states and their respective counterparts.

These efforts, in conjunction with common anti-terrorist and cross-border organised criminality efforts, will eventually contribute to the achievement of the objectives and fundamental values of the United Nations. GUAM's position as an observers' organisation and its place in the framework of the GUAM has been recognised by the six-monthly United Nations General Assembly Resolution on United Nations and the Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development (GUAM).

Allow me to reassure you that we are open to working together actively and in a variety of ways on the basis of common principals and common set of ups. Mr President, the achievements and successes in the areas of the organisation's main activity are largely overshadowed by the unsolved, lengthy and emerging conflict in the GUAM area, which undermines the system of safety and stabilisation throughout Europe and beyond.

The GUAM member states, with their 60 million inhabitants, are perhaps better placed than many others in this room to bear witness to the dangers and issues of conflict. Clashes in the territory of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are undermining their independence and local integration and have a negative impact on the areas of international justice, freedom, security and co-operation, both at national and EU level.

This has affected the life of tens of millions in GUAM nations who need shelter, help and aid, whether they are forced to flee, cannot resettle or live in conflict-affected areas. Mr President, the GUAM member states are confident that the non-violent solution of disputes will make a significant contribution to the overall and sustainable safety of Europe.

It is becoming increasingly important for there to be effective instruments for promoting dialogue at world level in order to prevent and resolve disputes peacefully. GUAM Member States firmly believe that resolving the disputes on their territory within the framework of the Geneva Intergovernmental Dialogue, the Trilateral Contact Group, the OSCE Minsk Group and the 5+2 discussions on the Transnistria problem solely on the bases of the standards and fundamental tenets of public law, which constitute compliance with the states' respect for each other' sovereignty, regional integration and the invulnerability of their recognised frontiers, is indispensable for lasting regional peace and prosperity.

In the meantime, the multinational fellowship should restore the territorial unity of the GUAM member states, lift the occupancy of the temporarily manned areas and ensure the basic right of internally expelled populations and returnees to a secure and worthy place of residency, as a lasting settlement for the expellees continues to be a central issue to be tackled throughout the GUAM area.

The resolution of armistice is also a fundamental precondition for the effective realisation of the 2030 agenda for sustained growth, which underlines that there can be no such thing as lasting without it. Mr President, given the enormous barriers, the United Nations continues to be an essential platform for tackling the increasingly difficult issues we face.

It is very important for us to maintain our continued commitment to GUAM activities under the heading "Protracted conflict in the GUAM area and its impact on global stability, safety and development". While wholeheartedly supporting the call for freedom made by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, on 1 January 2017, we believe that through co-operation, common effort and shared policy will we can meet the many present issues and prepare the way for lasting freedom and progress.

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