Best way to get to Molokai

The best way to Molokai

Guaranteed the best price for your trip. We" cannot discover new oceans if we do not have the courage to lose sight of the coast," once said author André Gide. Bringing you here is just part of the journey. It is the most frequent and fastest way from Oahu to the outer islands. Explore the Outer Islands - Best Places Hawaii:

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I may go to Molokai next year. I' d fly out of Sun California, so the lowest fares are probably from LAX. Anyone know the best and least expensive way from CA to Molokai? Do you think a plane from Honolulu to Molokai is the best option or would a cheap ferry be better?

Iceland Air from HNL to MKK (Molokai) points $72 in one direction. Maui OGG to MKK is also $72 on Island Air, but kayak currently shows a low price from LAX to OGG in the $800+ area. Surely it would have been comfortable if the Molokai services had been taken over from Budget/Dollar and not from Alamo.

Then you can make a round trips to Molokai at or for about $130/rt if you make your reservation well in advance. Hawaiian Airlines usually has the best rates from the Westlands to Honolulu. Thank you for the information. I' ll have a lot of pleasure arriving in Molokai by barge for the first one.

I' ve been reading somewhere that you need good bones (and belly, I suppose), because "you will sense every wave". So, if I fly from LAX to Maui, how do I get from the airfield in Maui to the harbour where the Molokai ship departs? Cheaperest way would be a shuttles (like an executive).

Molokai is not so poor on the belly. When you are worried about the prize, Iceland Air, Mokulele or Pacific Wings will take you from OGG or HNL. From Lahaina, which is not close to Kahului International Park, the boat will take a bus to the western shore of the peninsula and you will have to settle the 54 dollars for the boat.

After booking the Lahaina airport pick up, you' ll be able to skip to a 30-minute trip for less after saving your travel expenses. Allegiant will fly from the West Coast to Hawaii next year at a special rate if you can hold out.

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