Travel guide - Stockholm for children. Public holiday and sightseeing in Stockholm Sweden's lovely capitol is proud to be open to everyone. So welcome to Stockholm, whoever you are! As you may know, Stockholm is the second most productive technology and start-up centre in the whole wide range, second only to Silicon Valley. That means the Swede is pretty clever, but more to the point, Stockholm is attracting the most inventive minds from all over the globe.

You' ll probably see humans both on horseback and standing paddle as you walk through the Stockholm countryside. These range from the gender-neutral pre-schools and discos for seniors, to gym tracks that offer free exercise in the park, to the fact that Drottningholm, the lovely gardens at the Royal Castle, are open to everyone.

In a nutshell, Stockholm is a must! While Stockholm may be free and forward-looking when it comes to thinking collectively, it is also full of past events. If you are in the city, don't miss the Vasa Marine and Skansen open-air museums, both of which are on Royal Djurgården Isle.

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The people of Stockholm call their hometown "beauty on the water". However, despite its well-preserved historical centre, Stockholm is not a masterpiece: it is contemporary, vibrant and constantly evolving. Stockholm Old Stockholm, Gamla Stan, is a Safran seasoning dream from fairy tale books: one of the most fascinating historical centres in Europe with an impressive Palast, towering cobblestones, towering palaces and wafer-thin paved highways.

Stockholm was first mentioned in 1252 in a charter by Birger Jarl, one of the founding fathers (and whose name you will see everywhere). The Gamla Stan is located in a watery area, ideal for further exploration. Although it is distributed over 14 different isles, Stockholm is amazingly small and navigable.

Transportation to and from all corners of the town and the environs is smooth. Stockholm's love of elegance and fashions is a legend. Travelers will soon find that Stockholm is a vibrant edible souvenir town - no wonder given the abundance of local produce from the nearby ocean and farmland. Stockholm is there when a global hunger movement emerges: from uncooked vegetables and acai trays to cheeseburger truffles and wood-fired pizzas, all of which are made with great care and love for detail.

Known for being one of the best conserved mediaeval towns in Europe, Stockholm has numerous monuments and sights. A City Sightseeing coach will allow you to take in a breathtaking view of the city from the bus's open-top platform and read all about it in the multi-lingual comments!

There are 19 stations along the line where you can get off and discover places of interest such as the Royal Swedish Theatre, which was constructed in the eighteenth and eighteenth centuries, has hosted many renowned operas and is one of the city's most distinctive landmarks. Get in and enjoy the rides such as the Ice Bar or the Abba Museum at stop 12, a charming ride for the legendary group, which includes several modern exhibits showing their work and accomplishments!

The Skansen is another one of the best museums along the way, it was the first open-air cinema in the whole wide open space of the country, so it is definitely a worthwhile visit! Gamla Stan - Old Town - is another of Stockholm's most spectacular areas, where you can see the colorful houses and paved roads and get a sense of the city's cultural life.

Excursions - 1 Strömgatan/Die Königliche Oper2 Riddarholmskyrkan3 Altstadt (West)/Kornhamnstorg4 Via Old Vikings Line/Stadsgården5 Fjällgatan6 Medborgarplatsen7 Altstadt (East)/Räntmästaretrappan8 Royal Castle/Slottet9 Kungsträdgården10 Stranddvägen11 Vasamuseet12 ABBA The Museum/Gröna Larsen13 Skansen14 Historiska Museet - Historiska Museet - Historic Museum of the town of Vasamuseet12 ABBA Frihamnen/Cruise Mooring15 Stureplan16 Kungsgatan/Hötorget17 ICE Bar18 Centralstationen19 Town Hall Combine your tickets with a cruise and experience more sights,

and Vasamuseet. One complete cycle of the cruise lasts about 1 hr, or you can get on and off at one of the 8 stations along the cruise! Note that the cruise only runs between May and September. There is a coach trip all year round.

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